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The Best Workmate 425 Review-Portable Workbench: Should I Buy It?

Black & Decker designs and produces some of the most brilliant workbench and work tables in the market. And the WM425-A, or Workmate 425, Portable Workbench has definitely been the talk of the town out of its many other designs. So to help you know and learn better about this product, we are doing a workmate 425 review that covers everything top to bottom and all the details in between.

If this workbench has been interesting you lately, then our article give you the best and most accurate insight of it. Will it be worth your money, or just another workbench from a big brand? Take a look and find out before making your purchase!

The Workmate 425 Review & Buying Guide

ImageNameClamp SystemDimensions Weight LoadTransformConvertAvailable FrameSpecialty Product Weight WarrantyBuy Now
Workmate 425-A Portable Project Center and Vise100 Allows [Innovative]31.2 x 28.9 x 30.3 Inches550 LbsWorkbench OR Bench Tool StandVise To WorkbenchSwivel Pegs, Extra Blockheavy-Gauge SteelHeight Adjustment, Folds Up, Wall Storage.42.3 Lbs2 Years (3.8 / 5) Check Amazon



Let’s, first of all, begin by inspecting the design and concept of the Black & Decker WM425 work table. We must, first of all, begin by letting you know that this workbench is somewhat dual-purpose and multifunctional. It is a workbench which can transform into a bench tool or stand. We like that!

Now, the make an idea of the Black & Decker WM425 table is such that you can collapse and pull it out to reveal a very spacious and stable working table. It comes unassembled but you do of course have a manual coming with instructions with step by step guidance so it’s all good. You simply have to pull it out and it comes together in seconds. The same for when packing it. Push it in and it is packed! Perfectly compact and therefore portable as well. Other than that, this workbench has 4 legs, meaning it distributes weight very evenly and is therefore very stable.


The overall dimension of the Black & Decker WM425 workbench is as follows: 31.2 x 28.9 x 30.3 inches.Now, some may feel that that isn’t a lot, and well, they’d be right! But one of the most genius designs aspects of the WM425-A Portable Workbench is that it has an expandable working table where the center plank of the table can be detached to make more space! Genius.

We know. Speaking of plank, this table also comes with clamps which offer 1-9/16-inch vertical clamping, 7-1/2-inch parallel clamping, 19-inch parallel peg clamping, and 30-inch diagonal peg clamping. It makes this bench so much more versatile and you can do anything from drilling, nailing, brushing, sawing, etc. Oh, and it is a very competent saw table too! Almost missed that right there.

Next, as you can see from looking at it, there is a rail or bench down at the bottom which serves as a stand. This you can use a stand, as we use it, to store large power tools. Overall, the Black & Decker WM425-A Portable Workbench is a one-stop replacement for your stool stand, work table, saw table and so much more!

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We’d probably need to carry out a second workmate 425 review if we were to cover how well constructed and thought out this workbench is.

To begin with, the WM425-A Portable Workbench is made from a high gauge steel framework which is durable, sturdy, stiff and ready to take on weight as much as 550 pounds! 550 pounds from a 40-pounder one strong and Herculean workbench, right? As for the top, the working surface is made from some sort of wood, probably bamboo, which is pretty hard. Apart from this feature, you have the one-handed clamps™ which let you adjust and manipulate the clamps independently or together. Very convenient, indeed. Next, and probably one of our most favorite features, you have the height extendable legs.


And last but not least, the Black & Decker WM425-A Portable Workbench comes with a 2-year limited warranty against defects in material and/or workmanship. Something we don’t see from affordable products anymore. Pretty happy about that!


The Plus Side

  • Multifunctional; workbench cum standing tool
  • Lightweight and compact; folds down too so it’s good for traveling with
  • Stable
  • Great weight holding capability
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Expandable working surface
  • Dual-height legs
  • One-handed clamp™
  • 2-year limited warranty

The Minus Side

    • Poor assembly instructions
    • Center plank tends to warp
    • Plastic clamping parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on our workmate 425 review:

  1. Your workmate 425 review says the top working surface is bamboo. How do I go about cleaning it then?

Answer: Yes, it is but the surface is coated so there’s no reason that you can’t clean it. Having said that, we do still strongly suggest that you stay away from very strong liquid cleaners. Try cleaning or dusting it with a dry cloth, or if needed, a damp cloth. The centerboard has tendencies to warp so…. …yeah. Be extra careful.

  1. I am about 150 pounds. Do you think I can stand on it for doing some ceiling repair work?

Answer: The workmate 425 workbench is very strong and stable. We have had people weighing a much as 200 pounds use it comfortably without any problems whatsoever. You should we good too. And anyway, the weight limit is a good 55o pounds, so enjoy!

  1. Can I replace the bamboo working top with an oak or another material?

Answer: Great question. We hear this a lot since the factory bamboo top is a tad bit problematic. And to answer the question, yes you can. However, it is easier said than done. There are a lot of dismantling, complex measurement and weight calculations involved. If you are up for it, then sure.

  1. Can the board be tilted?

Answer: Yes, most certainly. You will find an orange bar in between the clamp handles. You can use that you turn the board into multiple angles!

  1. Does the workmate 425 workbench come with swivel grips?

Answer: Yes, it does. You get 4 counts of them.



This concludes our workmate 425 review. Throughout dissecting and analyzing the workbench part by part, we learned that it is definitely a product worth the recognition and praise, but there’s a but. The workmate 425 workbench has some very offensive and graves flaws. Although it is strong, affordable, multifunction and all; a warping working surface with low quality, plastic-y clamp parts are deal breakers for us. You could most certainly use it as a second working table, but as your main, it won’t be able to make the cut. Nonetheless, if you aren’t all that serious or are a rookie, then it just might do the job. Now, it’s your turn to decide. Good luck!

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