Top 3 Best Rockwell Jawhorse Reivews (RK9003, RK9002, RK9000) & Buying Guide-2018

ImageNameLoad Capacity Dimensions Clamping ForceClamping RangeClamp TravelClamp MethodConstructionProduct WeightColorWarrantyBuy Now
Rockwell JawHorse Station – RK9003600 Lbs33.1 x 15 x 15.4 inches1 Ton0-37 Inches1 Inches Per StepFoot Pedal LeverSolid Steel45.8 LbsBlack and Green2 Year Positec (4.8 / 5) Check Amazon
Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Workstation-RK9002600 Lbs39.8 x 17.9 x 15.9 Inches1 Ton0-49 InchesWheels: UrethaneFoot Pedal LeverSolid Steel53 LbsBlackLimited 2-year (4.5 / 5) Check Amazon
Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse600 Lbs34 x 39 x 39 Inches1 Ton0-37 Inches1 Inches Per StepFoot Pedal LeverSolid Steel43 LbsSilver and Yellow2 Year Limited Warranty (4.3 / 5) Check Amazon

There are things are hammering a nail against the living room’s wall for the family photo, and then there are jobs like installing an entire freaking door. The bottom line is: some works are more heavy-duty than other and you can’t do everything on your own. And for some advance construction and repair work, you almost always need an extra pair of hands. Whether it is to hold the bicycle for chain installment or clamp a plank of wood for sawing; you NEED read the Rockwell jawhorse reviews to find the right one for you.

However, finding someone competent to help you, wherever and whenever you demand, is easier said than done, ey? This is where a workstation comes to play. And we are here to introduce to the best of the bests through 3 of our top picks of Rockwell jawhorse reviews! And that’s not all. We will also teach you the tricks and tips that go into picking the best possible portable workstation, the expressway! Sounds good? Wait till you see what see ? have in store for you ahead. Let’s start!

Rockwell Jawhorse Reviews Compare (RK9003, RK9002, RK9000)

  • The JawHorse RK9003 is your workstation next door kind of thing. It is powerful and effective with a strong, steel construction and meticulous design, but it won’t clamp your wallet. Perfect for beginners or people on a tight budget. It is furthermore one of the most balanced and body-stable stations we have thanks to its legs which can be nailed to the soft ground.
  • Now, the JawHorse RK9003 may fall a little too basic for some people. For them, we have the next best workstation which is the RK9002 JawHorse. This one is a little bit more heavy-duty and offers a wider clamp capacity than the  RK9003.
  • And finally, we have the RK9000 Jawhorse which is easily a standout. The RK9000 Jawhorse is an all steel construction with no plastic parts whatsoever. It is the most heavy-duty out of the 3 Jawhorses, and furthermore offers what the others can’t: serve a fully functional and versatile sawing table.


Top 3 Rockwell Jawhorse Reviews-2018!


Rockwell JawHorse RK9003 Portable Material Support Station

We want our top 3 Rockwell workstation to cater to as many types of users as possible. Which is why the first jawhorse workstation on our list of the Rockwell jawhorse reviews is RK9003 Portable Material Support Station. It is perfect for people who are looking for a workstation that is simple, affordable yet just as effective and powerful.

The RK9003 Portable Material Support Station is a tripod construction which lets you use it on uneven terrains like your lawn or a sloped floor. Speaking of which, this workstation is absolutely perfect for use outdoors since it offers you legs which can be nailed to the ground for extra stability and hold.

Rockwell jawhorse Reivews RK9003As for strength, the RK9003 Portable Material Support Station is made from an all steel body which is strong enough to accommodate up to 600 pounds of weight! And if that weren’t enough, the foot pedal clamp can itself hold 200 pounds. That’s a ton of clamping force! Now, that we’re talking about the clamps, you may like you know that this workstation’s jaws (clamps) can hold and support a wide variety of large and heavy items starting from your bike, chairs, etc.

You can furthermore slide wooden planks as wide as 37 inches into the jaws. It makes for the perfect circular saw table, in fact. Apart from this, you’ll be happy to know that the RK9003 Portable Material Support Station can hold items, like doors and planks, vertically, horizontally and in any other angle. The jaws come padded so they won’t scratch your project. They won’t slide of wobble. Still as a rock, for you to carry on your work without any distraction.

Last but not least, the RK9003 Portable Material Support Station comes with wheels which let your drag and roll it wherever you want it. It furthermore snaps and collapses into a more portable and travel-friendly table!


  • Great for uneven terrains; ideal for on-site jobs
  • Can be nailed to the ground
  • Good weight limit
  • Extension table for accommodating wide cuts of wood
  • Portable
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Foot pedal tends to slip
  • Grip weakens over time

Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation

The second contender on our list of the top 3 Rockwell jawhorse reviews is for the Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation. If you are going to a workstation that is a notch above the basic, then this is it!

The Rockwell RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation offers you a tripod, meaning you can use it on uneven and unlevel places. Therefore making it perfect for both basement and outdoor job sites. It can, much like the RK9003, offer you a weight limit of up to 600 pounds and a clamping force of 1 metric ton!

You can therefore clamp and hold objects without having it wobble of the shift. To activate the clamps or jaws, all you have to do is gently kick the foot pedal below the table and that’s it. Do the same when you want to loosen the clamps.


Rockwell jawhorse Reivews RK9002..

Each clamp comes nicely padded so that they don’t scratch against your chairs, doors, metals, etc. You can furthermore set the position of the clamping force at almost any angle you want! What we really like about the RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation is that it can extend its workspace to accommodate plywood sheets up to 4 ft wide and 8 ft long!

Apart from that, it snaps and collapses into a compact, easy to carry the table. And the front wheels are of course there to make the job much easier and effortless. Finally, you get a 5-year warranty with the RK9002 JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation!


  • Great for uneven terrains; ideal for on-site jobs
  • Good weight limit
  • Extension table for accommodating wide cuts of wood
  • Portable
  • Comes with a 5-year limited warranty


  • Legs tend to bend while operation
  • Poor instructions
  • Very heavy

Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse

And the final name to name it to our list of the Rockwell jawhorse reviews is the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse. It is the most expensive we have up for offer, but it is definitely worth the extra bucks!

The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse is a 3-leg construction like the rest of our pick. But what makes its tripod better is that its 2-leg side is much wider. The single leg side allows you to use the workstation on uneven and unlevel terrains while the wider gap offers even weight distribution and stability.

The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse is furthermore all steel workstation by all means since it has no vulnerable plastic parts, whatsoever! The clamps, which are padded to prevent scratching, can apply a metric ton of clamping force.

You can hold and clamp anything for cycles, doors, etc, at almost any angle! Just kick the pedal and you are good. The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse can accommodate planks up to 37 inches in width by 8ft in length, but it can furthermore do an extra 10 inches in width (4 ft in total!) thanks to the possible extension.

Rockwell jawhorse Reivews RK9003-

However, what makes this our ultimate workstation is that it is by far one of the ideal workstation to with work in conjunction with the saw! Circular saw, table saw, miter saw, you name it and the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse can do it!

For ease of use, this workstation has wheels and furthermore collapses into a flatter body for easy on-site traveling. Last but not least, the Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse comes with a 2-year warranty!


  • Great for uneven terrains; ideal for on-site jobs
  • Perfect saw stand
  • Can be nailed to the ground
  • High weight limit
  • Extension table for accommodating wide cuts of wood
  • Portable
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty


  • Rear leg does not lock; unstable
  • Nonexistent customer service
  • Very heavy

The Buying Guide Of Rockwell Jawhorse

Number of legs

Your workstation is made and designed to hold anything you throw at, both large and heavy, small and light. Needless to say, the workstation itself needs to be very stable and balanced in order to do that.

And when it comes to stability nothing beats a tripod. We recommend a tripod over 4-legged ones because 3 legs are less vulnerable to destabilizing or wobbling on uneven terrains. They are therefore perfect for outdoor, on-site uses. Whereas, if you were to get a 4 leg workstation, you could only use it on flat, plain surface.

The third and only leg of the workstation can adjust and adapt to heights while the rest 2 legs enable stability. We are however in no way cutting off 4-leg workstations. They are perfect for indoor uses while tripod workstation is for both indoors and outdoors uses.

Clamping power

There are so many things that go into the making of a proper, high quality and powerful workstation. And one of the first and foremost indicators of its quality is through it clamping power.

The clamps or jaws of a workstation should be powerful and strong enough to securely hold objects without any feet of it slipping out of shifting. They should furthermore be able to clamp onto an object at various angles so that you have a better and more open surface to work on. Try and look for workstations that offer about 1 ton of metric clamping force.


On the other, due to the sheer force of the clamp, it is very common for them to scratch against whatever it’s holding and therefore compromising on the visual appeal. To counter this, we recommend getting clamps that come with removed pads. These pads for a layer cushiony interface between the object and the powerful clamp. As a result, there are little to no scratches at all!

Weight limit

Your workstation replaced the need for many other accessories like a tool table, working bench, sawing table, and so on. Let’s not forget how people also use them to hold bricks and other heavy stuff.

It is therefore only normal that you look for a workstation that is able to hold enough weight for your purpose. We personally recommend looking for workstations that offer a weight limit of at least 500 pounds.

Width limit

Cutting and shaping wood planks and plywoods is one of the most common jobs that is carried out on a workstation. And the size of planks you can fit inside the clamps of your workstation is therefore very important.

We almost always suggest getting a workstation that can at least offer you 30 inches in width and 4 to 5 ft in length, to begin with. However, you can easily find workstations that offer accommodation of planks that are over 35 inches in width and 7 to 8 ft in length. The great thing about many modern workstations is that you can extend this limit via an extension accessory. This could therefore up until the overall limit to almost 50 to 60 inches in width!

Ease of use

Whether you get a workstation for use in your basement or something on on-site jobs, you need to be able to be able to carry and travel with it.

Luckily, most workstations now are portable to a great extent. Yes, they are heavy. We do admit. But almost all of them can collapse into a smaller body and furthermore come with carrying wheels which lets you drag them around easily. One more thing to look into is the height of the workstation itself. It should be just right enough for the comfortable operation. You should not have to bend over too much, nor should it be too high that you can’t work properly. Most workstations come in a fixed height, but many modern designs will come with an adjustable design which lets you manually change the height of the workstation.


Warranty is such a controversial topic here with us. We encourage it, and then we don’t. The truth is, tiring yourself out over warranty on a poor quality, inexpensive and lower-end branded product is futile. And even if you get a warranty for products like this, they end up being dishonored half the time.

However, a workstation is not one of those instances. A workstation is supposed to be a very powerful and reliable product in the first place. And low-quality ones could lead to serious injuries since they often have hundreds of pounds of things resting on them. So yeah, if you are spending some A-class money and buying from a quality renowned brands, we highly, strongly suggest you come back home with a warranty of some sort.

Benefits to a portable workstation


Workstations, portable or not, always come with clamps (also called jaws). Now the question is, “what are those and why do I need them?”

Firsts of all, those clamps are for.. . . .well, clamping. You use a lever or foot pedal to activate and loosens the clamps onto objects. But why do you need them? Well, have you ever tried changing the chain of a bicycle, or nailing a leg onto a chair, or drilling the bottom board of a shelf? It’s tough job when you have 2 hands. The object you are working on will always fall or slid or shift unless an extra pair of hands clamps onto it. Those clamping jaws use enormous force and pressure to hold the object in place. It makes sure that it won’t slip or shift or slide while you work on it.


Speaking of an extra pair of hand, your workstation can furthermore be used to hold objects like a door, a wooden pole for the mailbox, etc, in place.

It is great for holding a particular object in a particular position while you install it.


Clamping and holding aren’t all that a workstation can do. It can just as just serve you like a support.

Many people will clamp on a wooden plank or plywood onto their workstations to create a worktable! Now you have a worktable to place your valuable and work essential items on to keep at hand’s reach. The great thing is that because workstations are made to hold and support heavy weight, you can go all out and store things like bricks, weights, etc, on it any fear of ot breaking or tumbling over!

No human error

Humans, make mistakes, workstations don’t!

We are not discrediting the competence of your best friend or your neighbor, by any means. But face it, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes they’ll not hold onto the chair high enough, sometime their hands will tremble and so will the wooden pole they are holding for you to install. Whereas, with a workstation, everything is constant and precise. There is no wobbling, no miscalculations, and most importantly, no whining!


And finally, one of the best parts about having a portable workstation is that you can carry it with you everywhere and anywhere you go!

Portable workstations are amazing space savers thanks to their collapsible design and are furthermore perfect for travel on-site and on-job purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Rockwell jawhorse workstations:

  1. My Rockwell jawhorse says it can accommodate up to 50 inches of plywood in length. But it can go only as far as 36 inches. What’s up with that?

Answer: Great question. We have had many people asking this. Well, first of all, yes! It can accommodate plywood as long as 50 inches. However, for that extension, you will need an additional accessory. Without it, you get the maximum limit of 36 inches.

  1. I tend to use my Rockwell jawhorse out in the open a lot and consequently, there are now rusts on the screws and bolts of my workstation. What now?

Answer: We, first of all, recommend that you do not use it, and more importantly, leave it out the in the open unless the job calls for it. The moisture, humidity, heats, etc, obviously speeds up the oxidation. But to answer your question, we recommend you spray paint a layer of protective enamel over the screw and bolts and around any crevices.

  1. The 3rd leg of my Rockwell jawhorse won’t tighten anymore. What can I do to fix this?

Answer: If we had a coin for each time our reader asked us this question, we’d be able to buy a new Rockwell jawhorse! The answer to this is that there is nothing much you can do it solve this. No amount of repair r meddling will help since it has been designed like so. We always recommend referring to your purchase’s warranty policy for a repair or replacement. If you don’t have one, contact Rockwell.

A portable workstation is hands down one of the handiest and useful accessories you can buy. And we think it should be a staple in every household where there’s work to be done. Luckily, if we may say so ourselves, our buying guide is all ready to equip you with all the necessary information and details to help you find your perfect workstation. As for our Rockwell jawhorse reviews, we have selected 3 distinct stations that will cater to a wide variety of people and purposes. Time to replace your broken work table and invite in the new, the better and more efficient. You won’t be disappointed!

This wraps up our take on the Rockwell jawhorse reviews. Thank you for reading along and staying with us until now. We hope you find everything you need to know in order to find your perfect Rockwell jawhorse workstation. Good luck and we will see you next time!

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