How to Use a Palm Nailer?

A palm nailer is sort of a pint-sized nail gun. Just like a daily nail gun, it connects to a compressor and may drive nails at lightning-fast speeds. You will also find cordless models that run on battery and highly portable. You’ll consider them as a miniature nail gun, just no shaped sort of a gun. They work an equivalent way just on a much smaller scale. Newer versions of the palm nailer actually are cordless and run on a chargeable battery, making them extra portable.

A palm nailer always helps you get into those small spaces where swinging a hammer is impossible. Before employing a palm, nailer initially we should know how to use a palm nailer. As I have experience with DIY projects so let’s dig into the article to share my plam nailer experience.

How Palm Nailer Used for:

Palm nailers are often used for almost any kind of work that you’d utilize a nail gun for. They’re firm in size, which makes them ideal to be used in tight spaces, like corners, edges, and ceilings. This tool is particularly beneficial for joist hangings.

Why it is Used?

Fit Properly

When you start with palm nailer then it is properly fit with your hand. Then you feel comfortable to do work.

Much Lighter and Smaller

It is much lighter and smaller than other machines. So, you should use it.

Easier and Simpler to Use

This machine is easy and simple to work. Before start work, you should read the hand note.

Where it is Used?

Installation of Floor Panels

When installing new floor panels, then a palm nailer uses there.

Make a Hole in Wood

At work time, if you need to hole in wood, then it is used there.

Hammer unable to Work

Where the hammer can’t reach, then the palm nailer uses that kind of place.

Using Purpose

A palm nailer use also decking, fencing, and framing purposes.

How to Choose a Palm Nail Gun?


Before buying a palm nail gun, we should always choose the best quality palm nail gun. So, it’s important to ask yourself before you begin purchasing a nail gun about the sort of project you’ll be undertaking. If you’ve got a perfect-match nail gun for your necessities, you will get the best output and luxury.

Strong Frame

You should choose a strong frame for a palm nail gun. By using a strong frame, you can use it for a long time. So, it’s an important matter.

Important Facts about Palm Nailer before Buying:

Holding Capacity

Before buying palm nailer, it is very important to know about holding the capacity of palm nailer. You should know about how many nails can hold a palm nailer.


Warranty is a major thing before buying any product. You should buy this product to see at least three years warranty.

List Of  7 Years Warranty Palm Nailer

5 Years Warranty:

Duration of Work

You should buy such a type of machine by which you can use that machine continuously 6 to 7 hours. Plam nailer is the perfect machine for this purpose.

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Additional Tips:

  • You should always follow the tool manufacturer’s operating and safety instruction manual.
  • Always keep your other hand and fingers faraway from the nail’s path. Use clamp if you are feeling necessary.
  • Never carry a nail gun together with your finger on the trigger. Always keep your hands far away from the trigger once you are not using your nailer.
  • A nail gun isn’t a toy, so keep it far away from children.


  1. How does a palm nail gun work?

They work an equivalent way just on a way smaller scale. They attach to a compressor the same way a pneumatic nail gun does. Newer versions of the palm nailer are cordless and run on a chargeable battery, making them extra portable.

  1. What’s a mini palm nailer?

Nailers also referred to as palm nailers, aren’t your traditional nail gun. To place it simply, mini-palm nailers are small pneumatic tools that drive bulk nails individually.

Final Note:

Palm nailers will prevent you from a lot of time and work. Although for framing and hard projects, nail guns appear to you be more workable, the newer models of palm nailers also are adapting to become more efficient. You’ll now do almost every sort of work regarding nailing with the best palm nailer.

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