Carpentry Vs. Woodworking – Differences

Just because Carpentry and Woodworking both deal with wood, people often mistakenly consider both of them to be the same thing. However, that’s far from the truth. One of the only things that they have in common is that they both need wood. Each trade is different. One is construction-oriented, and the other is craft-oriented. … Read more

Shaper vs. Router Table – Which One to Get?

Are you trying to build up your very own woodshop? Assuming that you are a wood-worker, you must have several tools at your disposal, aside from tools, you also need the right machinery to aid your work. Essentially, the use of router tables or shapers is to shape wood to create intricate crafts. However, both … Read more

Types of Sawhorses – How Many Sawhorses Do You Need?

Contrary to popular belief, sawhorses aren’t actually horses. Of course, that’s not a popular belief, but everyone believes that any establishment dealing with woodworking needs one of these. They’re essentially a tool that acts as a foundation to place your material, most often wood, to saw safely and properly. Additionally, they have a strong foundation … Read more

How Do I Know What Size Drawer Slide I Need?


Drawer slider is used almost all drawers, and it makes the process easier for open and closes the drawer. It’s very cheap, convenient and effortless to use. Its use on the two sides of the drawer, and it’s very easy to setup. When you open and close it in the drawer, it will make life … Read more

Framing Nailer Degree Differences | Four Types of Degree

Framing nailers come in different degrees and shapes. With all those types around, I won’t blame you if you get confused over all of them. Now as you have taken your nailing profession seriously, you need to make sure which degree you should choose for your nailing job. Otherwise, the work won’t be much of … Read more

9 Types of Nail Guns: What Makes Each One Different?

Nail Guns are always in-demand power tools in home improvement and construction projects. Starting from carpenters, construction crews, homeowners to DIY enthusiasts, a high-powered power nailer is still the best companion. In this article, we have got you covered with the list of the type of nail guns and the particular uses of it so … Read more

Woodworking: The Art and The Job of Famous Woodworkers


Woodworking, the art of crafting wood has never lost its way into the trend, say, in our modern age today or the world back in 3000 B.C. Indeed, you’ll see every type of woodworking in all directions. Take a few steps around your home, and you’ll see a variety of wood transformations throughout your neighborhood. … Read more

Best Woodworking Books 2020 [Updated Version]

Great Woodworking Books

If you are into the art of making crafts with wood and are planning on mastering your skills or learn from scratch, you may as well be interested in woodworking books. You have the internet, but not everything on it is trustworthy. Books, on the other hand, have a more solid approach. The best woodworking … Read more

Best Woodworking Magazines For Beginners [2020 Version]

woodworking by magazine

Woodworking magazines are a quick and easy way to get loads of information on all things woodshop class has missed out on teaching you. Especially if you are a novice and would like to sharpen your skills, magazines are a great tool for gulping down knowledge fast. Invest in a good magazine that will give … Read more

45 Top Woodworking Tools Using Guide [Beginner to Expert]

woodworking tools

In this busy world, people must do something for a living. Modern world demands creativity in your work. Creativity makes your work life enjoyable. When it comes to woodworking it is always enjoyable because of its creative nature. Any types of well-designed handcrafted furniture are beautiful, but creating an antique quality can give you immense … Read more