How to Sharpen Router Bits – Step By Step Guide


Rabbets are rectangular-shaped recesses along the edge of your workpiece. When the time comes, and your router is not making clean cuts, it’s an indicator that they need sharpening. Using routers is a fantastic way to bring a whole new look altogether in your woodworking. If bits are dull, they leave burn marks on the … Read more

How to Make a Rabbet Cut with a Router Table?


Rabbets are rectangular-shaped recesses along the edge of your workpiece. Making the most out of these, woodworkers are on the lookout for methods to attend to them effectively. One of the ways is to cut them with your router table. These entities may also emerge as a design feature in your molding—for instance, holding an … Read more

How to Use Router Bits Properly?

Woodworking demands tons of fine-tuning and attention to detail from the person at the work station. Thus it is important to always keep informed about the right procedures. If you visit a woodworking shop, you can find a wide range of choices on router bit – different sizes of shanks, types of the tip, profiles, … Read more

How to Clean Router Bits Efficiently?


Cleaning bits for your routers is a responsibility that every woodworker must never forget. With the right and consistent maintenance, you can save more on the costs, see these machines working efficiently, and have them last with you longer. How to Clean Router Bits Efficiently? There are several ways to clean these bits alongside various … Read more

How to Change a Router Bit?


Your routers will always require router bits, or the router will be toothless. There are different categories of these, including straight, rabbeting, flush-trim, chamfer, edge-forming, and specialized router bits. Furthermore, you can also find router bit shanks and cutting edges. One of the processes you will have to go through is knowing how to change … Read more

Router Table Safety Precautions to Keep in Mind


Without router table safety guidelines, accidents, and mishaps could happen while you utilize the device. The distinctively loud sound that it produces and the properties of its features may harm the health without the necessary protection. These measures will safeguard your vision, hearing, and respiratory system. It also requires you to wear and use the … Read more

What is a Pin Nailer?


Pin nailers and bard nailers are similar-looking tools that have some overlap in function. So, what is pin nailer? A pin nailer may be a sort of nail gun that releases pin-like fasteners. Commonly, pin nailers use a 23-gauge, headless nail. Since the nail is headless, people call it a “pin.” Having no head also … Read more

What is a Brad Nailer?


As I am a woodworker, I have used many tools in my wood project. In my wood project many times I use brad nailer. So, some of the beginner level woodworkers asked me what is brad nailer and how it works for? Brad nailers are electrically powered nail guns that are used for smaller applications … Read more

How to Use Palm Nailer?


A palm nailer is sort of a pint-sized nail gun. Just like a daily nail gun, it connects to a compressor and may drive nails at lightning-fast speeds. You will also find cordless models that run on battery and highly portable. You’ll consider them as a miniature nail gun, just no shaped sort of a … Read more