The Best Pegboard For Tool Storage [2019 Version]

It is very odd to see your home improvements tools or the carpentry tools are scattered at random over the workbench. Even using a toolbox is not helpful, as one has to dig through it, move things around to find a small screwdriver. To your utter amusement, if you are using a rolling tool then things will remain even more organized, but this too takes a lot of space. Storing your tools in an organized way is therefore undoubtedly a difficult task until you have used a pegboard. Using a pegboard is the best way you can organize your tools. Pegboard is also called as perforated hardboard or pegboard. This is simple yet a great solution for hanging different tools.


Pegboard is the most efficient and simple solution for organizing your carpentry or mason tool. You just need a wall space where you will hang the pegboard. The other benefit of using a pegboard is to save a large chunk of working space of your workbench table top. Using a pegboard you can also save a lot of your space. Pegboards are made of plastic/ aluminum or steel frames.  This is a flat panel that you hang on the wall using some nails or screws. There are plenty of holes in the pegboard where you will place different types of hooks and then you can hang your important tools. You can make different categories and locations in your pegboard and organize it the way you need and wish to.  When you are using a pegboard, the arrangement of tools is pretty simple, and you can easily reposition them. Moreover, using a pegboard is also a very cost-effective method.

Various types of pegboards are available in the market, but the best pegboard is the wall control pegboard.  Wall control pegboards are those made of steel. With this type of pegboard, you don’t have to tear or won’t have any bowing issues.

The reason we think this is the best pegboard is, with a wall control pegboard you can easily slide hooks in and out. Basically repositioning the tools is a very simple task with a pegboard mounted on the wall.

These are easy to install and these are really sturdy to get along with a lot of weight hanging by the hooks. Plenty of options are there for wall control panels, today we have come up with some wall control pegboard reviews to give a better idea of these products.

Wall Control Pegboard Reviews

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack


This Wall Control Steel Pegboard will work amazingly to decorate and organize your garage, kitchen, or any place.  This tool organizing wall panel comes in a Galvanized color which will go with any of your places. The good thing about this pegboard is that, with it, you can use the slotted hooks and also the traditional pegboard hooks.

It is a 32 inch tall and 16 inches wide on the side. The Wall Control 30-P-3232GV pegboard is much stronger than any other pegboard types. The high-quality steel material has made it the most durable and rigid tools organizing a panel. You can use this steel board for years without having any issue of rusting.

The installation part of this wall control pegboard is a breeze. You just need half an hour or less time to set the whole thing. However, you have to remember while installing keep 1/4′ to 3/8′ gap. This gap is required to have a precise space between the panels. First, install one panel and then hold the other one roughly in the right place.

Lastly, we want to say that from your garage room to kitchen place this Wall Control’s pegboard organizer will keep your tools in a controlled way so you can easily find them.

The Plus Side:

  • Strong enough to survive longer;
  • Super easy to install.

The Minus Side:

  • Not that thick compared to some other units.

Wall Control 30-WRK-400WB Standard Workbench Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer


Next, 30-WRK-400WB wall control pegboard is a high quality and attractive pegboard. This product comes with a kit which includes 3 white powder coated metal pegboard panels, 3 plastic hanging bins, 1 screwdriver holder, one 6″ shelf assembly,20 extra hooks, 1 hammer holder and other important elements.

Just like the previous model of the wall control pegboard, this one is also very strong to bear with the larger load. If you need something much stronger than a usual pegboard then go for this one. This metal wall control panel will hold the whole weight without any buckling or sag.

This wall control panel comes with all the necessary elements. There is a good variety for the shelves, bins, and hooks. All we can say that with this wall panel your place will look more organized and you can utilize your space more efficiently. Moreover, this will last for a longer span of panel life. Both the metal is made of high-quality materials but it also looks very good on the wall.

The Plus Side:

  • You can use regular pegboard accessories and hooks;
  • Provides enough instructions.

The Minus Side:

  • The edges of the panel are not nicely built;
  • The additional accessories are a little bit expensive.

Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB Galvanized Steel Pegboard Tool Organizer


This Wall Control Pegboard Organizer kit is going to offer you the maximum strength and board storage. There are basically two 16 inx32 in Galvanized steel board which combines and will give a total coverage area of 32 in. x 32 in or you can say up to 7 square feet. So it’s now pretty clear to you that it is providing you with a large space where you can organize your tools the most attractive way possible.

This efficient Wall Control pegboard is really a great option for carrying heavily weighted tools, thanks to its 20 gauge steel construction. For its sturdy construction, it will be ten times stronger and much more durable than other pegboards.

It offers both holes and slots for regular pegboard accessories. The hooks coming with the board will make sure that it is hung securely and you can set up this really easily.

All we can say about this wall control panel that it is going to be an amazing addition to your garage. The included accessories of the Wall Control 30-WGL-200GVB will give you multiple options for mounting items and will give your garage a more organized look.

The Plus Side:

  • Very High-quality construction for heavy works;
  • More secured hook system than average;
  • The unit looks great if that matters.

The Minus Side:

  • Comparatively smaller than competitions.

Wall Control 30-WGL-200 BB Metal Pegboard Utility Tool Storage Kit [Black]


Now we will focus on 30-WGL-200 BB metal model of the wall control pegboard. This is an overall good system which can be set up effortlessly. Most of the wall control pegboards stand 3 to 4 inches away from the wall so does this model also. As it is set away from the wall you can set the hooks in and out both.

It uses the standard 1/4″ peg, but if you want you can also get this with 1/8″ pegs making an inconvenience of a looser fitting.  Just like the other wall control panel, this 30-WGL-200BB metal pegboard also allows fitted hooks and pegs.

This wall control pegboard comes with a pair of 16″x32″ board and is able to hold significant weight. While using this panel you have to make sure that you mount the studs in the wall rather the drywall. This kit comes with the mounting hardware, so you don’t need any extra equipment. All you have to do is to drill the holes in your specific area and attach it. This particular wall control model comes basically in two colors – a black and other. This color combination has provided this with a modern look also.

The Plus Side:

  • Offers multiple applications without being limited to one;
  • Very easy to install and operate;
  • 15 assorted brackets and hooks.

The Minus Side:

  • More expensive than the other wall control panels;
  • Pegs could be more secure.

The Best Pegboard Hooks And Accessories

No matter how well built a pegboard it is, every pegboard needs a good set of pegboard hooks. Only the best pegboard hooks can give you great usage from the pegboard. The best way to find the best pegboard hook is to single out the hooks which will last longer and will also give you plenty of options to layout your pegboard. Some of the best pegboard hooks according to us are given below:

Neiko 53100A 4-Inch Pegboard Hooks


This pegboard hook is a universal fit proudly featuring the ability to fit into all types of pegboards ranging from 1/4 “-1″ spacing. It comes with 50 pcs of 4” long L-shaped hooks. All these hooks can be used for different purposes and in different places like shed, kitchen or in your garage.

The construction is also very sturdy that gives a good strength to hold high weighted items. This Neiko pegboard hook has a nickel plated finish contributing to the durability of the tool hanging hooks.

The Plus Side:

  • Offers very hard steel constructions;
  • Price is comparatively lower than competitors.

The Minus Side:

  • Not so durable, the joints are easily breakable.

Neiko Hiltex 53106 Pegboard Hooks [50-Piece]


Another great pegboard hook from Neiko is the Neiko Hiltex 53106 Pegboard hook.  This set of pegboard hooks is great for hanging different types of tools.  The steel gauge is thick and also strong enough to carry more weight than other types of hooks. What we want to say that this hooks to hang your tools will be more suitable for general uses.

For example, you can hang pliers, screwdrivers or similar tools. Moreover, with this kit, you are also getting a large assortment which is solid in hand. Considering the price the construction is adequate and also provides a great variety.

The Plus Side:

  • Good value of money;

The Minus Side:

  • Not all of the hooks are made nicely.

Wall Control KT-200-DLX B Slotted Hook Assortment

Wall Control KT-200-DLX B Slotted Storage Panel Deluxe Hook Assortment

Comparing to the previous two options this pegboard hook is a little bit expensive. However, we think these are of very good quality. These 26 piece deluxe slotted hooks are not only good for your garage use, but you can actually use them for different purposes like for your kid’s craft room also. The hooks are coated with a rust-resistant finish that has made it durable to last a longer span of pegboard life.

The Plus Side:

  • Quality is very good compared to the price;
  • There are some extra-long hooks for use.

The Minus Side:

  • The stems are a little thick to install.

National Hardware S819-841 CD8377  Peg Board Hook Kit in Zinc [51 Piece]


Lastly, for the best pegboard hook review, we have this hook kit from the National Hardware.  The very product title signifies that 51 types of hooks are available with this particular organizer kit. This is a great hook kit offering that fabulous number hooks.  These hooks are very stable and there is hardly any fallout. The kit also includes some black plastic pieces which help to make the hooks more stable.

The Plus Side:

  • Does the job perfectly without any chance of complaining;
  • Great assortment which will help you.

The Minus Side:

  • fewer screwdriver hangers which might cause trouble.

Buying Guide: Pegboard Ideas and Tips

Are you planning to set up a pegboard in your garage or in your workplace? Pegboards come in a variety of options and with a different useful application. Therefore, before buying one you need to be clear about all the crucial factors. Here are some important tips that you should consider before you purchase a pegboard.

Number of Pegs

Always consider the number of pegs you need to install and buy according to that. The number of pegs stands for the size of the board. As pegboards are pre-drilled, the peg holes will increase with the board size. Besides, the purpose it will serve you are crucial too. There are several companies selling the exact number of pegs matching the number of drills different pegboards carry.


Next, another important factor in determining the perfect size of your pegboard. It is really important to give a deep thought about the height and width of the board. You need to find out the right size which will go with your workplace’s size and can save your space more. Most of the pegboards come in different sizes, so you will surely find something that meets your desired size.

Decide a Drip:

Now, not everybody requires the same type of pegboard. If you are going to sue it for heavy weighted tools then you need one type. On the contrary, if you intend to use it for hanging casual kitchen tools, you have to install a different one. Therefore, depending on the items that you are going to hand you need to find out the pegboard.

Set Up:

After buying your pegboard, the important part is to put together all the parts and accessories to have the best pegboard. To get the best value form a pegboard, you have to install it the most efficient way and in the most convenient part of the wall. The part of the wall you can reach very easily.  Every pegboard comes with its instruction manual and assortment. Try to choose the best pegboard hooks, the correct number of pegs and correct size of pegboard.

One last important thing to remember, if your garage or the place where you are keeping the hooks and placing the board tend to be damp, then you need to give several coats of varnish to the hook and also to the pegboard itself.

How to Set up a Hook in a Pegboard?

Setting up hooks in pegboards is not that difficult. The pegboard is a perforated and flat piece of wood or steel features a surface full of holes. You can push your hook anywhere you want. The spot you want to set a hook is not that crucial as it is to hook it up properly and tightly. It is the simplest of all jobs may be. Here you go:

Take a hook and push it through the intended hole

Then set a wire clamp having teeth and the teeth of the clamp will go inside the holes. The clamp will keep the curved part of the hook tightly attached to the board letting the hook hang anything that matches.

Now insert a 1″ long screw into the hole the hook is pushed. Take help of a screwdriver to rotate down the peg through the hole.

Feel the sturdiness by softly touching it.

Now your tool is ready to insert hang loosely from that particular hook.

Numberless hooks are there in the market but pegboard uses only five types of hook to hang the tools in the handiest way possible. It will be boringly repetitive to go into detail about the installing process of each one. Once you learn to set one type of hook accurately, you can do away with the other with ease. Because there exists little difference in the shape and size of different pegboard hooks.

How to Install Wall Control Pegboard?

If you want your home upgrade or carpentry tools to stay organized, you must know the maintenance of them properly. You can keep the tools on the tabletop of your workbench, keep those in the shelves under the workbench platform, or secure them inside the drawer. Either way, share their respective downsides. The best way to keep carpentry tools organized is to decorate them by hanging on a wall control pegboard.

The pegboard is a perforated and flat piece of wood or board attached to a wall. The attaching process involves screwing or pegging the pre-drilled board with the wall putting furring strips as in-between. It should mount up a wall not higher than your comfort level. To ensure all that, you better read an article detailing the main and auxiliary tools and materials, measuring, setting, leveling, and wall condition.

Materials You Require


Pegboard is generally made of the moderate price but the stout wood piece. It receives a chemical treatment to make it strong and fire retardant. That is available in the market by the dimensions of 2 by 4 foot, 4 by 4 foot, and 4 by 8-foot pieces.

Furring Strips

Furring strip is normally a slender piece of wood or other materials used beneath something to bridge the gap, raise height level, allow insulation, and fight dampness.

A Pegboard Organizing Kit

This is a kit to mine all the hooks, hangers, and different size screws. But you purchase this matching up with the pegboard and the tools you need to organize.

These three materials are that a pegboard is completed with. You will be badly in need of several other tools that are not the essential component of the wall control pegboard. But they are urgent for an efficient installing. They include an impact driver, a meter scale or gauging tape, and a jigsaw.


Methods and Steps to Follow

  • First of all, you have to measure the area (length and width) of the wall surface you will set the pegboard on. A meter scale or gauging may be the right aid in this regard.
  • Buy the largest pegboard size available to cut into the proper shape you have taken the measurements of. You can get the store individuals to do it free for you or in exchange for a minimal fee. You too can cut this to size and measured shape using a jigsaw.
  • Cut the furring strips matching the width of the pegboard to make the frame that the board will be screwed with. And this is the frame that will allow space between the board and the wall to set hangers without touching the wall.
  • Paint the board by the same color of the wall to create a camouflage. Paint it two or three days earlier than you will mount the board on the wall to get the color dried and the chemical stench faded.
  • Now put the frame on the intended spot of the wall following the measurements were taken beforehand. Ensure the frame sits accurately and sturdily on the wall. Better to make holes through the strips before and then rotate down the screw with the impact driver.
  • Now insert the pegboard pieces with subtle accuracy over the frame. Take help of a friend or family member while mounting the board up.
  • Rotate down the ¾ inches screws into the board and the frame bars. Maintain a regular interval between the screws and the standard distance is 6 inches that you can customize.
  • Put anchor stick to support the pegboard landing on the floor that will emphasize the stability of the board and lessen downward pull while loaded with hung tools.
  • Before hooking the hangers on the board, decorate them over the workbench tabletop the way you want them to hang. Thus how you can organize your tools across the boards to reach them in need and it gives the look of a piece of furniture.

Cautions Before and After Installation

  • Care should be taken that the wall switches remain as it has been. You can cut the board by the shape of the switch. You can do it with the help of the jigsaw right where it resides on the wall.
  • Don’t forget the washers to hang around the screws neck tightly.
  • Never rotate down the pegs so deeply that the wall shows cracks.

Keep some extra screws and washers to use if and when needed. Sometimes hung pegboards shifts or slides as tool loads rise with the time and joinery weakens.

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