Top 5 Best Palm Nailer in 2020

The former decade has seen a significant price drop of power tools, and the transition from hired workers to DIY has made the homeowners sought out for daily necessary power tools. Palm nailer is one of those tools.

Metalwork and carpentry frequently require hammering tasks, but there are places where you cannot work with a hammer. This is where palm nailers come into play.

Jobs related to carpentry become faster, accurate, and safer with these tools. The best and fastest work can be done once you have the best palm nailer.

Gone are the days when one had to buy different nail guns to carry out specific tasks. Just buy a single palm nailer to accomplish your several carpentry jobs.

But which one to purchase? Keep on reading!

Types of Palm Nailer

Palm nailers function quite similarly. The magnetic nose drives the nail and holds its position firmly. The depth of the drive is determined by the pressure you are applying to. In spite of working similarly, you will get two types of palm nailers in the market.

  • Pneumatic Palm Nailers

This type is more acceptable and popular among customers. And this popularity comes through the availability and ownership of air compressors by the homeowners. They do not have a built-in motor and are lightweight when compared to their electronic counterparts.

The functional pressure for a pneumatic palm nailer is something between 50 to 125 PSI. It can drive nails till 70D. Everything comes with shortcomings, and so does this. But this is not something to fret about. You can buy an air compressor and other necessary accessories to work with it duly.

  • Electric Palm Nailer

This is the most common type of palm nailer. The battery supports it. An 18V or 24V battery will be fine to operate this tool. The prime benefit of an electric palm nailer is its portability. These days many electric palm nailers offer performance as same as that of pneumatic palm nailers.

Moreover, this has become possible due to some leading manufacturers’ R&D and technological advancement.

Even though they are built-in with batteries and motors, the nailers are lightweight; hence comes the feature of portability. Being lightweight, this type of nailer is quite expensive compared to its counterparts, and battery functionality does not come free of cost.

Top 5 Best Palm Nailers

After seeing two categories, numerous brands and models, you must be confused. To help you, we have reviewed the best 5 palm nailers along with other necessary information. Hopefully, you will find the best palm nailer that meets your demands.

1. Freeman Pneumatic Mini Palm Nailer with Magnetic Tip

amazon-buy-buttonyIf you are looking for the best value palm nailer, this will be a great choice. Considering its price and quality, this model is quite unbeatable. Its lightweight has made it renowned. And it weighs less than 2 pounds. This mighty hammer reaches the tight and small areas.

Its body is designed ergonomically with rubber-coated palm rest and works up to 3 ½ inches in length with carpenter nails from 6D to 16D. This length is most often enough for people working with this tool only if you avoid heavy construction.

For home use, it is very convenient. It does not need any huge compressor. You can work with it flawlessly for flooring, sliding to roofing, and other necessary tasks. People with small hands will face no issues whatsoever.

It even comes with some add-ons such as adjustment tools and air tool oil. This product also features an anti-dust cap and internal air filter to keep the scraps out of it.

Are you wondering how reliable it will be? Know that this company is committed to providing high-quality, long-lasting products along with customer service. Being durable and manufactured under quality control guidelines, it can also help you do professional tasks.

Therefore, its lightweight is just deceiving compared to its performance. It is highly recommended for general use in narrow spaces.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily reaches small areas
  • No requirement of using a big compressor


  • Not comfortable for people with large hands

2. Hitachi NH90AB Mini Impact Palm Nailer, 360 Degree Swivel Fitting


It is a powerful tiny tool to place and do some woodworking. The magnetic nose helps to hold the nail in its position and thus ensure accuracy. A 90% job can be done correctly due to its size and power. It fits well in swivel, and it is ideal for working with woods in tight spaces.

Any projects can be easy with it, and it offers a very reasonable price. If your latch does not fit with the tool properly, use an oversized head. This tool is the best for joist hangers or places where you can’t reach with a hammer.

Also, this product is convenient because of its size. The working experience is so smooth, like a knife cutting through butter. It is specifically designed to fix metal connectors and joist hangers.

Moreover, it is a perfect fit for the job you need to complete. Other than being handy, it is eye-catching too. You won’t feel much of the vibration in your hand. Also, your work will be comfortable, and you will get a better hold of it because it is molded with a rubber grip.

Are you worried about placement? Relax then; we have already mentioned the feature of the magnetic tip. This feature keeps the placement steady. Anyway, do not forget to oil your nailer after 100 nails or so to enhance the product’s longevity and maintenance.


  • Magnetic nose
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 360-degree swivel air hose
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and strong
  • Gets into tight areas


  • No case provided
  • A bit noisy
  • Low performance with hardwood

3. PORTER-CABLE PN650 Palm Nailer Kit


This powerful and ergonomically designed product stands out from other competitors for its utility and comfort. It even includes a case, gloves along with a strap set. Thus, it is comfortable to use and helps in keeping the grip.

It allows one ¼ to 6 ½ inches wide range of nails. As it is equipped with four various tips (standard, magnetic, wide nail, and steel hammer), it is considered one of the most versatile palm nailers. It has depth-drive control, so the nails will not be sinking deep into the wood, and you will not need to put much pressure.

You will get a smoother finish. It comes with an array of accessories. Be professional or amateur; this tool will be an excellent choice. It is so handy and user-friendly. Eventually, it will turn you into an expert woodworker. For tight and smaller spaces, this is the perfect solution.

And for better placement, use the magnetic tip. When using nails up to 70D, go for the standard tip. For intensive jobs, the steel hammer kit is perfect. Molding, auto body, and dowels can be done with steel hammer having finishing nails till 3D. Extended working hours will not be painful due to its ergonomic design.

Even though it is not the lightest palm nailer, you will feel well-balanced. It fits so well within the palm, which is the best part of it. All the different noses work nicely with different applications and configurations. Made from high-quality steel, all the noses are too strong to induce smooth driving.

Moreover, you will not be disappointed to have a sturdy and durable nailer to do your nailing task. It also resists sudden shocks perfectly. On a different note, know that changing different heads won’t be so easy.


  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • Can drive 3D to 70D nails
  • Four different and interchangeable tips
  • Well balanced due to ergonomic design


  • Quite loud
  • Heavy

4. BOSTITCH PN100K Impact Nailer Kit


Bostitch palm nailer is one of the great choices. It comes in 3 different noses, and it offers versatility. Recessed and magnetic nail slot is its impressive feature to hold nails in position while working an obstacle space.

Due to its ergonomic design, the fatigue level is too less. The rubber grip absorbs the shock and thus protects your wrist. With several useful features, they offer you a reasonable price.

It is pretty durable and stands out tear and wear because of its hardened steel nose. The comfort level and its performance are incredible. It also comes with a leather glove to provide extra protection and bar any calluses or blisters. As for accessories, it has a hard plastic case, lubricant, spare O-rings, hex wrench, and nose wrench.

This tool has a more prominent nose tip attachment along with a finish nose tip. This nailer is perfect for precise jobs and finishing. The noses are going to last you a lifetime as they are made of high-end steel to ensure robust quality. And the resistance power is impressive, which is enough to prevent sudden shocks.

Furthermore, it operates with 70-100 PSI, which can be provided by the most general air compressor. The most noticeable feature of this product is its two non-identical modes, namely firing sequential and contact. To switch between the modes, use the trigger switch. As a bonus, you will get a solid carrying case.


  • Best for professional work
  • Different nose
  • Ergonomically designed and compact
  • Provides accessories
  • Durable


  • The manual is a bit complex
  • Replacing nose can be toilsome
  • Lacks depth control

5. Ridgid R350PNE



This nailer can be considered as another best matchmaker for doing versatile tasks. With the help of the magnetic nose, you can target your nails in the correct spot with ease. The compact size and lightweight (2.7 pounds) have made it a great advantage.

Due to the strong aluminum body, contractor-grade material, and top cap of zinc, it is durable and offers smooth nailing. As add-ons, you will get a carry bag, oil, operator manual, hand strap, and a hex key with this nailer.

Another impressive feature of this product is its adjustable depth drive that is free of tool and micro in size. Using this facet, you are bound to get the desired depth without damaging your material surface.

The hex grip, combined with the movable hand strap, makes it secure and comfortable to use. You will not feel the trouble of controlling it as well. Because of this strap, it can be used by both right and left-handed people. The air filter is another remarkable addition to the handle, which serves the function of self-cleaning.

It helps to keep out debris and dust, and so it extends the longevity of the tool. Also, it is ideal for DIYers, homeowners, and professionals. It can be used beneath the roof set AC unit. This nailer is also perfect for basement bracing mainly for the last two joists.

Little punch holes can be made with it into narrow tight spaces. This is a great choice for working with joist hangers. There is nothing to dislike about it. Why not give it a try?


  • Well-built
  • Handy
  • Zinc top-cap
  • Durable
  • Hex grip


  • Expensive
  • Low customer service

Features to Consider before Buying

While buying palm nailers, do consider the listed features below:

  • Power

Air compressor is essential in heavy-lifting palm nailer. To get the best out of the nailer, you need to ensure a good quality air compressor. Its output should be something between 50-125 PSI. For palm nailers, this is the best place to take action.

  • Nail Size

Another important aspect to check here is the nail size. The nail size is right away related to the choice of a palm nailer. Smaller carpentry nails are better for comfortable work with it. But if you aim to put 3.5 inches nails in a particular material, we would recommend you to go off with another powerful model.

  • Magnetic Nose Dive

Having a magnetic nose in your palm nailer is important too. It helps in a steady and firm position for pre-nailing. It also bars the nail from falling. This feature is especially useful while working in a narrow space or in an awkward position.

  • Size

In the market, you will see palm nailers share mostly the same size. The size is quite standard for anyone who wishes to buy. It is always a good practice to carefully look at the dimensions of this tool before purchasing, as some of them may not be compatible with your hand size.

The accuracy and precision can be affected by the wrong size of a palm nailer. It shouldn’t be too small or large for your hand.

You may have already noticed that we reviewed a tiny palm nailer. This type of nailer will be a good choice if you have smaller hands. There will be no difference in performance but some additional benefits. They lack safety traits, so be careful while choosing mini palm nailer if you are working near pets or kids.

  • Weight

This is so obvious that nobody wants to get a too heavy palm nailer, which may cause difficulty in work. Even a palm nailer that is too light can be difficult to control. Therefore, the weight of a palm nailer is tricky, and you need to find out the balance.

  • Storage Case

Your tool needs to be kept properly to ensure that you have a durable storage case. It will protect and save your tool.

  • Strap/Cover

Palm nailer with a hand strap or leather cover provides extra comfort to you in the time of using it. It gives a pulpy grip while driving the nail. This also protects the hand from maddening irritation or limit hand fatigue by not giving much pressure on the hand muscles.

  • Various Tips

Palm nailer’s versatility comes through its variety of tips. Each one of them is designed for a specific kind of nail. Try to look for the one with a kit that contains various tips rather than buying individual things.

Magnetic tips are far better as it holds the nail in its position. Therefore, you don’t need to use the other hand to keep the nail in its place. Forget about hurting your fingers and get the accurate drives.

  • Brand

Opt for a branded palm nailer to get reassurance and guarantee of good quality things that will last long.

  • Security

In some cases, security comes first, so it is beneficial to buy palm nailers with safety features such as a trigger lock. It helps to prevent material damage or injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding palm nailers:

  1. Why do you need a palm nailer for?

It works like a nail gun but performs well in tight spaces such as ceiling, edges, and corners. This is best for joist hanging.

  1. What would be the best air compressor to accommodate with a pneumatic palm nailer?

Any portable compressor will be working fine with a pneumatic palm nailer as most of them function using pressure between 50 to 125 PSI. You may need a few accessories along with the compressor like hose and couplers.

  1. What would be the best place to buy a palm nailer from?

You can find several online sites. The manufacturer’s website is a better option to start with. We all know here is Amazon for trying out different types of brands. There you can also check customers’ feedback about the product you intend to buy.

  1. Will it be possible to do carpentry DIY tasks at home with a palm nailer?

This entirely depends on your type of work. We would not recommend you to use a palm nailer for intensive tasks. Palm nailer is handy for doing small works and suitable for tight spaces.

  1. What kind of nails will a palm nailer fire?

A good feature of palm nailers is they are manufactured to fire a usual bulk nail. You won’t get this advantage in conventional nail guns. Even many palm nailers drive nails of various head diameters and lengths to ease your jobs.

  1. What will be coverage of the palm nailer’s warranty?

The coverage of the warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In most cases, the warranty covers some defects and problems with the material.

  1. What to do if a palm nailer stops working after using it for a month?

If the company has provided your product with a warranty, then it would not be a problem at all. You can explain your problem to the manufacturer and ask for a repair, refund, or replacement. Also, check what policy do they have regarding the warranty. 

Final Words

We do understand that it is not so easy to shop tools like palm nailers, but we hope our reviews and other necessary points related to palm nailers will serve your purpose. With this idea and knowledge now, you will be able to purchase the best palm nailer.

Our comment section is always open for your valuable comments and queries.

We appreciate your time for reading us.

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