Top 5 Best Nail Guns for Fencing For 2020 – Top Pick

A handy tool that allows you to build sturdy structures, nail guns are a must-have in several situations.

You may simply be looking to buy a reliable tool to add to your collection of tools. Otherwise, you might be looking to enhance your skills as a construction worker or carpenter. Or you may simply be trying to build a much-needed fence for your garden.

Being a precise piece of machinery that allows excellent work, a nailer is worth buying. However, it is not easy to purchase this tool online. This is usually because you cannot tell if you have found a decent deal. That is why I have reviewed the best nail guns for fencing for your convenience.

5 Best Nail Guns for Fencing

You need the right equipment to turn your good-looking backyard dream into a reality. Hence, I have listed just the right nailers for you to choose from.

1. Freeman PFR2190

amazon-buy-buttonyThis gun from Freeman comes along with a no-mar tip to keep its surface looking good. In case you need extra grip, you will be able to remove the tip, which will reveal the no-slip teeth that are used to keep the nailer in place. This gun is fast, powerful, and is undoubtedly one of the best choices in the market.

The features included with this one will make your fence building job a breeze. The main ones among them are the interchangeable triggers. This allows you to activate two modes based on your requirements. The modes are single fire and bump fire, and you can use whichever function you prefer to get your job done quickly.

The gun comes with a depth adjustment setting that allows you to change how deep the tack will enter. It works with tacks from two to three and a half inches long so that you will have proper control of your fence building. The gun is very durable, and the operating pressure is 70-115 PSI.

The only downside about this one that I have noticed is that the reload speed is definitely not the fastest in the market. Its competitors offer faster reload speed to get the job done more quickly. But this will not be a significant concern and is pretty much excusable.

This is indeed one of the best picks, and you will no doubt be disappointed by purchasing it.


  • It has a no-mar tip
  • Comes with interchangeable triggers
  • Can be operated with larger tacks too
  • Allows depth adjustment, unlike others


  • Reload speed is comparatively slower

2. NuMax SFR2190


This model is one of the more popular guns available in the marketplace. The NuMax product is an excellent choice for both personal and professional tasks. This nail gun has a dual-mode; single and sequential firing mode. Therefore, any job that requires you to use a large number of tacks becomes faster.

Just like our first choice on the list, this one also features depth adjustment. This allows you to keep the work surface clean and ensures a tight fit. This nailer can sink tacks from two to three and a half-inches without breaking a sweat. The flat head allows the use of various sizes of tacks, and this makes the gun a versatile one.

It can do a variety of tasks like fencing, finishing details on floors, and also sheathing. The exhaust allows it to keep you at a safe distance from it. This machine is said to be the best value for money right now, and I do not disagree. The design is similar to several top-notch nailers out there.

This tool comes with two triggers that are used to switch between single fire and bump fire modes. The no-mar tip keeps your fence looking great and sleek. You can also take it off to reveal the no-slip teeth that hold the gun in place before you start using it.

Although this tool is affordable, power is a concern. Larger tacks sometimes cannot sink properly as the gun lacks power. But this definitely is an excellent choice if you are willing to get it for personal use. You can seamlessly work with small and medium-sized tacks, and this nailer will not disappoint.


  • Dual firing control makes work efficient and easy
  • Great price to performance ratio
  • Highly durable and well-built
  • The depth adjustment feature is present


  • Has lower power compared to other nailers

3. Bostitch F21PL Framing Nailer


Bostitch is one of the more renowned tool companies. They are known to provide the best quality products. Bostitch tools are considered to be the best in the business, and this one is no different. This is a popular choice among the homeworkers as it has proven its worth when it comes to home improvement projects.

The driving power of 1050 inch-pounds is quite a lot when it comes to these machines. The gun can switch between sequential and bump firing, and tacks from one and a half to three and a half inches can sink with this one.

Hence, you can pretty much get a wide variety of jobs done with this one. This machine accepts the broadest range of tacks, which makes the purchase of nails quick and straightforward.

The unique ability of this product is that it is a two-in-one kind of nailer. So, it can be used on both framing and metal surfaces. Also, you can easily and quickly switch between the two nailers. The integrated rubber grip and the skid pads make sure you do not leave a mark on the surface while it is in use.

Most of the time, you will not require positive placement while fencing, but this gun has that as a feature. The positive placement can guide the tacks through small holes in metal connectors. It is good to know that it is there. Even if you do not use it, you will not need to buy a new one if needed in the future.

The one drawback of this particular tool is that it is a bit noisy. But that does not take away from how good of a job this product can do.


  • Allows usage of a wider range of tacks
  • Comes with a positive placement feature
  • Has a rafter hook


  • A bit on the noisier side

4. Paslode 501000 PowerMaster Framing Nailer


There is no doubt that Paslode makes a few of the best guns in the market. The case is no different with this one. This tool is lightweight and can be used in any weather. The uniquely placed center of gravity of this tool makes it a joy to use. The ergonomic grip also helps in this case.

If you are a homeworker looking for a tool to build that fence around your house, you could consider this one. This gun works with tacks of a pretty variable range. Tacks of two to three and a half inches can be used with this one. The maximum pressure that it exerts is 120 PSI, which is enough to nail up your fence seamlessly.

This product can also be used for sheathing, decking, and trussing. As it can go up to 120 PSI, it can produce 10% more power than the competition. The magazine can hold up to 84 tacks. This makes work a breeze for you if you are working with a rather long fence.

With this machine, you are able to choose between manual and sequential operations. Also, you can fire up to twelve tacks in a second. This tool is durable enough, and the barrel-shaped nose delivers an easy line of sight. If you are looking for a perfect gun that will not burn a hole in your pocket, this one is a good choice.


  • It is powerful yet lightweight
  • Easy to load the magazine
  • Reaches tight spaces easily


  • The depth adjustment takes too much time

5. Hitachi NR90AES1 Framing Nailer


Hitachi has certainly made its mark in the electronic world. You will not have to think twice when you see a product of this brand. If you are going to do some heavy-duty nailing jobs, this one from Hitachi is sure to serve you well. The product features a dual firing mode.

The single and the bump firing modes allow you to use whichever depending on the type of work you’re doing. All it takes is the flip of a switch, and you will be operating a different model. The pressure required for this to drive a nail in is about 85 PSI. This is impressive since several nailers are out there that require more pressure.

If you are trying to work with a small compressor, this tool is moderately efficient. It will not slow you down from what you are doing, as the grip allows you to have a secure hold on the tool when operating it. Another nice feature to have is the lighter weight of this product. It makes it a breeze to use and will not cause your arms to strain.

Because the weight of this gun is less, maneuverability is high. The product allows a two-step nail loading, which makes reloading a breeze and hassle-free. The only reason this is not the top pick would be because of its steep price tag. But you definitely could say that Hitachi has “nailed it” with this one.


  • Maintenance is comparatively easy
  • Easy to switch modes
  • Lightweight


  • A little on the expensive side

Things to Consider Before Buying

Although the price is an obvious concern when buying a product, there are a few other factors that you should consider when buying a nailer.

How Durable is the Tool?

Although it might be tempting to purchase a nailer that is cheap, those might not last you a long time. Some of the more expensive guns have certain features that make them durable. Do your research on the different characteristics of these tools before making your purchase.

The Design

Yes, the design of the machinery matters very much. Since these tools can be a little dangerous, you must check for specific qualities. Look for models that come with a decent safety lock that will ensure that you do not press the trigger by mistake. Check if the design of the machine allows you to have a good grip when operating it.

Also, make sure that the weight of the gun is comfortable for you. You do not want to struggle with a heavy tool that you cannot hold steadily. Maneuvering the machine would be difficult, too, due to it being heavy.

Performance of the Nail Gun

This factor is a no-brainer; the more consistent and efficient the tool is, the better will be the execution of your task. Certain nailers can be problematic, not giving you your money’s worth. They get jammed or sometimes misfire due to a faulty design. In those cases, the only thing you could do is purchase a new, better nailer.

When going out to buy a nailer, look for quality ones that allow accuracy. Also, it is wise to buy one that comes with a firing depth adjustment feature, like some of the nailers I mentioned above. Furthermore, look for a tool that comes with a no-mar tip. That will ensure that your fence or project does not have any dents.


Usually, you do not have to do anything to maintain a nail gun. However, if you are concerned about your tool jamming, you could add a few droplets of oil to the air inlet of the nailer. That should make work smooth and trouble-free.

Nails Usage

You must have the right tacks for the right job, or else your job will fail. Some guns can accommodate more than one kind and size of the tacks. Therefore, double-check the requirements for your nailer before you get to work.

Also, before purchase, make a note of how many nails you want your machine to hold. The capacity varies from model to model, so you will have to do your research on that.

Is it Comfortable to Use?

Comfort is a significant, crucial factor that you must not ignore. Make sure to take a look at the weight and design of the product before buying it. If it does not sit right in your hand, the chances are that you will struggle with operating it. Also, it is a good idea to check if you prefer nailers with cords or the cordless ones.

Another thing you could look for is whether or not the gun makes a lot of noise. There are a few of them that are not as loud as most in the marketplace. It seems like a decent idea to purchase a nailer that has an adjustable air exhaust. That should make usage more comfortable for sure.


As I mentioned before, this factor is crucial and the most discussed. And that is for a good reason! Although you could find very cheap nail guns in the market, those are probably not going to last you long. The mid-range and expensive ones will almost always be more durable.

The machines that are comparatively more expensive tend to have less wear and tear. They also require fewer repairments and are more efficient.

Some Safety Tips

Although it is convenient, a nail gun can sometimes lead to inevitable accidents. Therefore, it is good to be a little cautious while operating one. Here are a few safety tips that should help you:

  • Check if the tool is damaged or requires any repairs
  • If the tool gets jammed, or if you are done using it, disconnect it
  • Make sure that others are away while you are operating the tool
  • Do not point the machine at anybody
  • Wear safety goggles or equipment, as stated in the manual of the gun you bought

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are all nailers air powered?

No, they are not. Although many are pneumatic guns, many are also cordless or powered by batteries.

  1. How fast can a nailer shoot?

In general, a decent gun can shoot a nail at about 90 mph.

  1. Does my gun require a compressor?

If it is a pneumatic gun, yes it does. However, other kinds of nailers do not require a compressor.

  1. Can I get injured by a nailer?

Yes, without a doubt. Because it is a nail, and it can reach high speeds, it is best to stay alert around such tools. Make sure to never directly point the tool at someone directly.

  1. Are battery-operated nailers better, or are pneumatic ones?

Battery-operated ones tend to have a lower driving force when compared to air-powered/pneumatic ones. Hence, it is better to go for the latter option.

  1. Which is the best brand for these tools?

That depends solely on user experience. Based on the needs and budget, different brands are great for different users.

Final Words

A reliable tool to have in your shed, a nail gun, is an excellent investment to make. That is especially if you are into building things. The tools mentioned above are currently the best nail guns for fencing. Each will help you do a tremendous job with your fence.

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