The Best Drywall Bench Reviews & Buying Guide For 2019

Just as our body cannot perform fluently without an active body part, our drywall projects can’t run smoothly without a multifunctional drywall bench.

To finish your project without difficulties, you need to find the best drywall bench available in the market.

You might be wondering why is drywall bench so significant? Why not others?

Because they have proven their capabilities by helping thousands of workers in thousands of job sites.

So, today, my review is about benches or more specifically, drywall benches.

What is Drywall Bench?

Some people assume that all types of workbenches are more or less the same.

But this is wrong!!

Drywall bench is different from tradition or normal workbench. This bench is specially designed for helping you to hang sheets and mud walls on your work site.

You can also use this awesome object to paint your interior walls instead of using a step ladder. Moreover, the convenient large walking surface of this special bench will make your job easier.

Normally, this type of bench is capable of tolerating the weight of an adult, and some manufacturers make it durable and big enough to carry two men.

Best Drywall Bench Reviews

While you have numerous options for choosing drywall benches, it is very obvious to get confused to grab the best one. Here, I will review the top 2 drywall benches that are best in the industry.

You can pick an appropriate working partner, depending on your preference and requirement.

1. GypTool  Drywall Walk-Up Bench

GypTool Adjustable Height Drywall Taping & Finishing Walk-Up Bench: 18 in. - 30 in.


If you are looking for a non-skidder heavy duty bench for your painting or drywall hanging project, then you are in the right place, and this product will be according to your needs.

This Gyptool bench is designed to support around 500 pounds of weight. This is because of the robust construction quality with top-class durable aluminum material. This reliable surface will ensure your safety while standing and walking on top of it.

On top of that, the sturdy bench has super adjustability. I mean you will never complain about its various alternatives of height settings. As a result, you can work without bending your head or body and also no need to work in stress. Here, you have the luxury to adjust your bench at 7 different positions.

One of the main features of this masterpiece is that it is adorned with a non-skid foot that gives your firm working environment. This also ensures your safety while working on a slippery floor.

Talking about the floor, the walk-up table-foot has a non-marring pad that protects your beautiful floor from scratch or score. Additionally, the lightweight design of this thing makes it a super portable bench. This 33.4-pound workmate also folds within seconds to a compact size. So, you can store and transport it very comfortably.

Furthermore, you don’t need to take the headache of assembling the bench. Just unfold the table, and you are good to go. The good news is that you don’t need any hardware or tool to assemble or adjust anything.


  • High weight holding capacity
  • No assembly required
  • No extra tool needed to adjust the height
  • Non-slippery foot
  • Larger upper surface
  • Strong built quality


  • Folds too quickly which can injure your hand

2. Pentagon Aluminum Drywall Bench

6120 Pentagon Tool Professional Quality Aluminum Drywall Bench With Adjustable Steps And Functions As A Workbench


An industrial-grade bench made from high-quality aluminum can offer you the best drywall bench experience. And if it is from Pentagon Tools, then you can blindly put your trust on it.

A professional worker needs professional tools. And in case of workbench for drywall or painting job, this pentagon product will not disappoint a passionate worker.

This amazing tool has a robust build quality. Thanks to the durable, high-quality aluminum, which makes it a tough nut to crack. This metal also makes this product very lightweight without reducing its strength and ability.

The legs of the bench are adjustable, ranging from 18 inches to 30 inches. With solid support from the legs, the benchtop can bear 500 pounds of a load while the sidestep can carry 250 pounds of weight.

As the weight of the workmate is only 30 pounds, you can transport it with less effort. The extreme portable nature of this thing can save your time and effort. Moreover, the surface of the bench is wide enough to work freely.

Fortunately, this top-quality product has a pretty reasonable price tag. Usually, you will hardly find this quality product at such a cheap price. The feet contain tactically build features to prevent unwanted slippage.

Finally, this extra-large working platform is very easy to fold and unfold. You can assemble the whole thing within seconds.


  • Huge working surface
  • Minimum assembly required
  • Adjustable height.
  • Non-skid legs
  • Long-lasting
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not suitable for females as it will be tough for them to move around

What to Consider Before Buying

Selecting the best folding drywall bench can accelerate your working speed while ensuring a safe working surface. However, you need to consider some characteristics that a high-quality walk-up bench should possess.

Here are the features that you should keep in mind before investing your money.

  • Build Quality

I think this is the most important feature to consider. It is obvious that a quality product will be long-lasting and robust. Moreover, it will provide a sturdy structure to work on. Also, there are minimum chances of errors during work.

Benches that are made from metal can be the best option. And you can get tempered aluminum drywall bench for best results.

  • Adjustability

This is more important if you are working on a large project. You need to adjust the height frequently to work with ease. If you choose a bench which does not have any height adjustment facilities, then it will make your job difficult to finish.

Choose a table that has 5 to 8 height adjustment settings.

  • Portability

A portable tool is the best friend of a professional worker. This feature allows you to carry your own things to wherever you go for work. Everyone loves to play with their own toy, and there is nothing exceptional in terms of drywall benches too.

You should choose a lightweight workmate that folds quickly to a compact size.

  • Capability

The more a drywall bench can hold the weight, the more it becomes reliable. Yes! You should go for the more dependable option considering your safety.

Make sure that the walk-up table you are buying must have the ability to bear at least 450 pounds of weight.

  • Non-Skid Feet

This feature is obvious. You shouldn’t settle for something that can’t stand firmly on its feet. Moreover, slippery legs can put a permanent scratch mark on your floor.

So, while buying the bench, don’t forget to check whether the feet are anti-slip and padded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to get up on the top of the bench? Can I use the rails as steps?

Yes, you can. According to the instruction’s manual, side rails can hold 250 pounds of weight. So, you can use the rails as the first step.

  1. Can I use this bench in outdoor construction work?

Of course, you can. But make sure to maintain appropriate weight capacity of the bench because excessive weight over the can lead to an accident.

  1. What is the main difference between a traditional workbench and a drywall bench?

Well, the functionality of these benches tells you the whole story. Normal workbenches are used in woodworking, crafting and tile cutting while drywall bench is used in home painting, hanging drywall sheets, etc.

  1. Is it ok to clean this walk table with water?

Yes, this product is waterproof. I mean this thing will not be affected by rust.

  1. Is the kit expandable?

Yes, all of them. If it isn’t, the product may be damaged. So, in that case, I would recommend you contact the manufacturer.

  1. How to perform maintenance?

The rule is simple, keep it in a dry place and clean the dust with soft cloths or wash it with paint removing liquid if you accidentally spit paint on it. 

Final Words

Drywall benches are heavy duty and sturdy benches required for performing painting and placing drywall sheets.

Understand your requisites and opt for the best drywall bench suited for you.

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