Top 5 Best Cordless Finish Nailer Reviews

You would be naive to think that the first machine you buy for a professional or house project work is the last machine you are going to buy.

This news might be a hard pill to swallow. But you certainly need an array of items to assist many kinds of construction work, whether it is about fixing tiles, furnishing, or setting wooden floors and cabinets.

Yes, even for the job of woodworking, one kind of nailer cannot satisfy you especially, if you are a perfectionist. You need the best cordless finish nailer besides pneumatic and manual standing nailers.

Trust us when we say that the addition of this power tool will only make your work that much precise and neat. So, if you are interested to know more about finish nailers, then keep on reading.

Benefits of Using Cordless Finish Nailer

Over the years, cordless nailers have vastly improved and upped their game. Out of many benefits, the best way a cordless nailer can help you is by being versatile. With these types of power tools, you will not have to worry about length, space, and compactness.

All you have to do is charge the tool beforehand, and you can carry it anywhere. Leave the hassle of carrying external cords and tangled up wires behind. This tool can also help you reach tight spaces as they are generally compact.

With time, more prominent brands such as DeWalt and Hitachi are making cordless nailers more efficient and user-friendly. They even have a model that can store four times more charge than usual.

Hence, you can achieve more run-time at the same time investment. This category of product is also extremely user-friendly and can be handy for home projects. Although finish nailers are secondary products, you can use them for soft nailing.

Cordless nailers are also weightless compared to pneumatic stand or electrical nailers. Hence, you can work longer with such tools and not get a body ache. What more can you want from a product?

5 Cordless Finish Nailer Review

Cordless nailers are mostly secondary items that will enhance your woodworking process, as mentioned previously. Surprisingly, this secondary product has numerous models and features that you can choose from.

To help you make an educated decision, we have gathered the best of the best. These five products will cover everything you might want from a cordless finish nailer.



PORTER-CABLE PCC792LA 20V MAX Cordless Lithium 16GA Straight Finish Nailer Kit


Do you not wish to have a nailing product that is free of hassle in every way? How does no compression sound with the addition of no gas, and no hose? If all these sound impossible to you, then you will be pleased to know that the Porter-Cable is more than capable of making it possible.

The central aspect that differentiates a finish nailer from a heavy-duty nailer is its compactness. You cannot achieve this quality with extensions, cords, and other limitations. This is why the Porter-Cable is a perfect finish nailer as it offers a cordless option.

So, the machine functions on battery and motor, just like an electrical nailer, but instead of plugging the device to a power source, you will have to charge the battery. The battery on this model is of 4 Ah lithium-ion, and it charges quite quickly. As it is battery-generated, you will not have to use any gas or oil to power the motor.

And as a result, you will not have to use a compressor hose. There is no need to carry fuel to the engine from the tank. This method is another way of making the item more compact. Its compactness does not affect the outcome at all as it can pin 1000 nails, provided the battery is 4 AH, and fully charged.

You can use 2 inches or 50 mm finish nails with this device. However, as it is a finish nailer, it cannot nail thicker pieces of wood. Other features also include a stall-release lever that is tool-free. So, you can easily press to drill the nail in.

Moreover, the jam-release mechanism will also ensure that the trigger does not get stuck mid-shoot and cause the nails to go waste. The magazine can easily hold up to 100 pins, and the product itself weighs about 6.5 lbs. So, it is compact and lightweight.


  • No hose, gas or cord needed
  • Driven by 4 AH battery
  • Can fire 1000 nails on a full charge
  • Weighs 6.5 lbs
  • Can be carried anywhere
  • Does not require a power outlet
  • Tool-free switch


  • The switch might get jammed without proper maintenance


DEWALT DCN660B 20V 16 Gauge 20° Finish Nailer


A tool such as this would eliminate the hassle of power outlets. But as a consumer, you must be yearning for more features from a secondary product. The DeWalt cordless finish nailer might be able to quench that yearning and outperform other nailers.

One notable feature of this power tool is its impressive battery and sustenance. Disregarding AMP hours, the batteries can be powered with 20V maximum provided that the nominal volt is 18. These variables are easy to obtain as the power sources of any household can offer them. Another thing to keep in mind is the battery size.

The size can range from 1.5 AH to 9 AH, and each level has a significance. A smaller battery size will mean more compactness. On the other hand, a larger battery size will offer more run time. Depending on the need of the user, the battery size can vary, but as mentioned, the nominal voltage will be 18 volts.

This battery is the life of the product as it alone powers the motors and runs the machine. Hence, no need for messy cords and restricted movements. This feature also means that the product does not need any fuel or oil. Hence, you can ditch a compression hose as well.

You can also save money by not having to purchase extra fuel every time. The product brings versatility and feasibility with its unique features. It can nail at two modes, a single nail mode, and a continuous nail mode. Hence, you can save more time and energy by utilizing the modes.

Each device has a magazine that can hold 110 nails. You should use pins of 1.25 inches for maximum compatibility. The machine will nail at a 20-degree angle to obtain precise nailing techniques and also has LED pointers that indicate exactly where the hole is being made. So, this tool also eliminates the guesswork.


  • Impressive battery life
  • 20-volt maximum
  • Weighs 6 lbs
  • Long run time
  • Dual nailing mode
  • 20-degree finishing
  • 110 magazine capacity
  • LED pointers


  • More expensive than other finish nailers


BOSTITCH BCN650D1 20V MAX 15 Gauge Fn Angled Cordless Finish Nailer (Includes Battery and Charger)


The primary purpose of a finish nailer is to complete smaller nailing jobs that a pneumatic nailer will fail to do. Hence, this machine requires a special tip and other features. Bostitch, one of the leading brands in this field, knows the difference and came out with a compatible tool.

Moreover, the nose of this product is precise and minute, which is why it can drill small nails with ease. The finished product also needs to be seamless, and this nailer can drill headless pins. This action ensures a cleaner outcome. The precise nose also helps in reaching smaller spaces.

With a pinpoint, the user can nail with approximate accuracy. However, since the nose is small, this nailer cannot do heavy-duty work. The heavy-duty battery makes up for the soft nose. And the lithium-ion battery is of 2 AH, which functions with 20-volt maximum. With this output, you can quickly nail 100 times at a stretch.

A battery entirely drives the device. So, the user will not need gas or fuel to run. Plug it to a power source once, and you will be free to take it wherever you want when it is fully charged. The product is also lightweight, weighs about 5.8 pounds.

So, this facilitates the no-cord feature even more. The durable plastic body makes it lightweight. Plastic also allows the yellow body color, which attracts attention. This way, the user will not lose the device in a crowded working area.

Furthermore, the brushless motor enables an FN-styled angled finish and also uses 1.25 to 2.5 inches nails for drilling. The tool-free jam release helps in continuous drilling and saves time. It also has LED features for better accuracy. Besides the built-in functions, the user will also get a kit bag and an adjustable belt hook.


  • Attractive body paint
  • Easily visible
  • Portable
  • Brushless motor
  • Precise nose for accurate drilling
  • LED indicator
  • FN-styled angled finish


  • Only Bostitch batteries are compatible with this tool

4. Ryobi P854

Ryobi P854 ONE Plus 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 2 in. Brad Nailer Kit (One Battery & Charger included)


Typically tools such as these feature one kind of battery, and it becomes a limitation for many users. As a professional, you want as much versatility from your tools as possible. So, if you are one such user who is facing similar problems, then look for Ryobi cordless nailers.

While other nailers come with a prepackaged battery, the Ryobi tool comes without a battery. However, it has two different types of battery packed in a utility kit. The kit has a compact lithium-ion battery and an 18-volt battery. This small battery will give you the option to travel light and pack more things in your utility belt.

Most finish nailers use headless pins to give a seamless finishing. The Ryobi model can work with brad nails too besides the typical headless nails. Caution must be taken while using brads because only 18 gauge is compatible. This size is handy for a different kind of wood too. The airstrike technology is also accessible with gauge nails.

This utility allows compression less drilling and makes the process more portable. The product body is made of high-grade plastic material, and it weighs about 8 pounds. You also have a selective drive-switch mode with this tool. The contact actuation mode will increase the speed of work while the single sequence can provide precision.

Moreover, this model can be considered the best battery finish nailer by some as it has a dual chemistry charger. Other alluring features also include drive adjustment and tool-less jam release systems.

There is also a non-marring pad to reduce impact with the wood. An indicator will inform you about the low nail magazine. There are LED indicators for grip-light technology, as well.


  • 20% more performance
  • Dual charger chemistry
  • Drive adjustment features
  • Jam-less mechanism
  • Durable body
  • 18 gauge brad nails
  • Non-marring pads
  • Two nailing modes


  • Adjusting between the two methods can be tricky

5. Makita XNB02Z

Makita XNB02Z 18V LXT Straight Finish Nailer, 16 Gauge/2-1/2"


After you have done all that hard work with all the cutting, joining, and drilling big sheets of wood, you do not want to ruin that with a faulty finisher. Unfortunately, the wrong kind of tool may create unfixable dents and marks on your wooden board. To avoid that kind of mishap, you ought to try the Makita cordless nailer.

This tool is equipped with a unique anti-dry fire mechanism. It prevents the nailer from driving blanks. If a broken nail is in the way, it will stop the process and protect the surface from demarkations. This process also helps in the loss of unnecessary pins. So, you will not have to buy many pins for drilling.

For bringing optimum functionality, this finish nailer is also battery-driven and does not require any gas or oil. Naturally, it does not need a compressor hose or a tank to store the fuel. So, you get to save money and have more space. You can also carry the tool anywhere since it does not need any extra accessory to function.

The battery that drives the entire machine is powerful and can run for a long time with a full charge. It is of 5.0 AH and can drill 1000 nails at a stretch. Although running the motor for that long is discouraged. The battery is an LXT lithium-ion battery with an 18-volt requirement.

With this motor, you can use 16-gauge straight finish nails. Since it is a straight finish, you will gain more precision.

The magazine can hold 110 nails of 1 to 2.5 inches. It also has two mode selectors and a reversible belt clip for protection. A trigger lock button beside the switch ensures that the nailer does not drill accidentally. It also has LED lights for better focus. For achieving a countersink finish, the machine has tool-less depth adjustment features.


  • AH battery
  • No fuel needed
  • Can run for a long time
  • Compatible with 16 gauge nails
  • Anti-dry fire system
  • Portable and compact


  • The battery needs to be purchased separately

Before You Buy, What to Look for

Though these tools are meant for one job, they still have a lot of other features to offer. In order to access them, you should know what to look for. Some of the many modes might not be suitable for you and your workplace either. So, knowing before purchasing is always a good idea.

  • Durable Construction

Although these tools are used for trimming, mending, and finish, they still need a sturdy body. The softest wood is still very rigid and robust to drill through. So, if the nailer body is fragile, it will break very easily.

That is why most pneumatic nailers are made of high-grade aluminum or stainless steel. These materials ensure robustness and strength. The inner construction of finish nailers also has a similar structure.

However, to maintain compactness and portability, the outer body on these power tools are made of plastic. But the user should be aware of which quality plastic is being used. Cheap plastic will either melt or decay over time.

  • A Nozzle or the Pointer

Another essential feature that differentiates a finish nailer from heavy-duty nailers is the nose. In order to drill through tough wood, pneumatic or manual drills have a larger nozzle and pinhead.

As a result, they can drive through with enough strength. However, finish nailers need to reach smaller spaces. This is why the nozzle also needs to be small.

Precise pinheads can work better when precision is needed, and the user can also see where the hole is being made. Moreover, since these tools have little to no scope for marring, the smaller nose helps in creating less impact on the wood. With this size, headless pins can also be used.

  • Inclination

You have two options when it comes to positions, straight head and angled head. These two options will give two kinds of benefits, and you need to choose accordingly. A straight head nailer can provide better accuracy, and they come cheap.

These nails are smaller. Thus, it leaves a smaller hole and makes the finished work appear more clean and pristine.

On the other hand, angled heads can reach tighter space. They are also suitable for trimming small edges. This angle has a better drive-through capability. Hence, you get a stronger grip. However, angled heads are slightly more expensive than straight heads, but it has its benefits.

  • Affordability

There will be products in the market, claiming to outperform other brands and will have a high price tag. However, a finish nailer should not cost you more than pneumatic or manual nailer since they are much smaller in size.

Since the cordless nailer is a side tool, it should be reasonable, although some of these have extra features that bump up the price. So, if the user needs those additional features, they can opt for the pricier finish nailers.

  • Compactness

An important attribute of finish nailers is its compactness. The woodworker is already swamped with numerous other tools. An additional tool that takes more space is just a waste.

So, the finish nailer needs to be portable and small. This is why these tools are mostly hand-driven. They have a trigger for easy accessibility. The placements of other features are well throughout. If your finish nailer does not have such qualities, you need to change yours for a better one.

  • Modes

If you intend to purchase a cordless nailer, make sure it does not have any hidden feature of using compression for drilling. A cordless nailer should be entirely battery-driven, and the output will depend on the amperage and volt of the battery.

Besides that, a cordless nailer can drill in two modes. One of the styles shoots single nails each time. This feature is handy when hard to reach places needs to be accessed.

It also helps in precise pointing. The other mode is the continuous mode, which helps in trimming. The nailer shoots nails continuously till the pressure is withdrawn from the switch. And the constant mode helps in saving time and battery life.

  • Drive-through

These tools are not supposed to have a deep drive-through capability. However, quality cordless nailers have adjustable options. The adjustments let you choose different scales based on the wood. Otherwise, the tool might scar the wood. This feature also helps in gauging accurate depth while drilling.

  • Other Features

Features such as LED indicators certainly make the job easier. There are also tool-free mechanisms and anti-jamming systems to look out for. Ingenious features such as a trigger stopper can reduce the chances of accidental drilling.

A great addition to a woodworking tool is an air dust filter. Often bits and pieces from drilling wood get into the machine and disrupt the system. An air filter can easily solve that problem.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Admittedly, a good model can come from any brand, but a brand with good market standing reassures the users about quality, durability, and price. We have made a list of some trustworthy brands that manufacture finish nailers of impeccable quality.

  • DeWalt

A prominent brand among nailer manufactures, DeWalt ensures sophistication and quality. This brand has a wide array of models for every kind of woodworking needs.

They also carry excellent finish nailers. Extra features such as tool-free mechanisms and LED indicators only enhance the quality even further.

  • Bostitch

Yet another renowned brand is Bostitch. They not only have nailers but also have tools for bullets, bikes, and many other products. In short, it is a conglomerate for manufacturing tools.

  • Hitachi

Hitachi is best known for its innovative approach. They are widespread among different industries, but they make sure to bring uniqueness in each of their products. Even in the case of nailers, they have managed to create a healthy balance of originality and effectiveness.

  • NuMax

This is a brand you must have heard of several times while doing extensive nailer research. It is famous because of its affordability and range. You will find every big or small tool related to nailing and drilling at a desirable price from this brand.

  • Makita

Makita brand is a powerhouse for power tools. Starting from electric saws to finish nailers, they have it all, and the products are of top quality because of features such as anti-dry fire and trigger locks. Hence, they are so beloved among woodworkers and welders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding finish nailers:

  1. How are pneumatic nailers and finish nailers different?

Pneumatic nailers will do the heavy work of joining two wooden boards while finish nailers will take care of seams and edges. Finish nailers can also reach places a pneumatic nailer cannot.

  1. How many nails can a cordless finisher hold?

It mostly depends on the brand and model, but at an average, a cordless finisher can hold 100 pins.

  1. Is it possible to drill continuously?

Some models have dual modes where you can either use single sequence mode or pin mode continuously. The continuous mode will help you finish the work quicker, and a single pin mode will ensure accuracy.

  1. Will these tools need any fuel?

No, these tools are battery-generated, and only the battery needs to be charged. It does not require any oil, fuel, or compression.

  1. Are headless pins compatible with these tools?

Yes, headless pins for mending the edges and seams are compatible.

  1. Can these nailers be used for hardwood?

No, these nailers are used for finish work. However, these nailers can drill softwood, such as pinewood.


Since you have already committed to the profession of woodworking, why not do it properly? A pneumatic standing nailer or a manual one will certainly complete more than half of the job.

But you will need the best cordless finish nailer that can properly wrap the work. So, do not let your work remain incomplete and get yourself a cordless nailer.

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