The Top 5 Best Cordless Angle Grinder Choice For 2019 | Reviews & Top Picks

Are you a professional welder, house remodeler, electrician or a carpenter? If the answer is yes, you are in need of the best cordless angle grinder may be as a support for your corded angle grinder.

Whereas a cordless grinder is an essential tool for the professional carpenter, house remodeler, and electricians, a welder to need the best angle grinder for welding purpose.

On top of the professional experts, a weekend hobbyist may need the best angle grinder for home use if he is to deal with rust or cut.

Why The Cordless Option?


Well, whether you are a professional or hobbyist individual, you will certainly want convenience and maneuverability while working. Given the corded grinders stay connected via a cable with the power source, you cannot practice the utmost control at work. Moreover, all your projects may not have a power source close enough to get always connected. While the mentioned causes suffice to go for a cordless grinding machine, you should not depend on the same as your primary grinding tool.

Take any best angle grinder review presented for your consideration; it will convince you to be the best of all to get a certain purpose done.  It will not pose any real threat while selecting the right product for you among the 5 best cordless grinder reviews thanks to the in-depth buying guide. This is fair enough to enrich you with the necessary information regarding angle grinder along with the features and accessories relevant to it.

Milwaukee 2680-20 4-1/2 Cordless Grinder


amazon-buy-buttonyYou can put the grinder into action at will even with thick gloves in hands thanks to the paddle switch that makes it grind, cut, and design. With Milwaukee cordless grinder at your disposal, you are backed by an extra-ordinary L-shaped molding. It will prevent the particles coming from the project grinded on or cut through and thus save the interior tools of the grinder from clogging up. Therefore, Milwaukee 2680-20 enjoys an active mechanism longer than the rival offers.

Grinding being the toilsome task, any grinder with convenient feature like an adjustable guard will make your job a breeze as the tool-free guard will be active at any position at a push of the button. So you are ready to handle a wide range of applications.

The stability is a crucial thing you need most while operating a grinder and if a feature of the device itself is instrumental along with your expertise, it is just a wonder. In this line, the 3-position side grip is what will provide you with added stable grinding.

The sensitive manufacturers of Milwaukee grinder model come equipped with compatible batteries making the ones already you have for other devices functional with it. Besides, the four-pole motor is a huge power source to enable you to work to the max what you crave most while grinding and cutting.

But what has made it the awesome tool?

In line with the said features and performance factors, it comes with overload protection ensuring the safety of the tool and man.

Root Features To Note:

  • 18V Li-ion battery backed by a compatible mechanism to function with a wide range of models
  • 4-pole power motor gives you the max torque for heavy or precision work
  • Overload-proof mechanism to protect tools and man from unwarranted damage and abuse
  • The affordable price is a steal against robust benefits
  • L-shape molding to prevent debris and other particles from reach the interior parts


  • Weight: 5.3 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16.1*6.7*5.3 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years

Bottom line: if you are after the best cordless angle grinder for any and every purpose, this is tool backed by high speed-1000 RPm, durability, and ease of use.

Dewalt DCD414B Kickback Brake Grinder – Best 6-inch Angle Grinder



This is a beast among the grinders in terms of the power it is ready to back you with. Yes, Dewalt, the big name in the electronics and electrical industry, has now come with 60V of battery power to stand by you for the longest run time.

Not the end!

More to baffle you, this battery beast will change the voltage at any tool change depending on the target job. Dewalt FLEXVOLT will put its break into action just when you go off the trigger to stop grinding at once. Incredibly enough trigger release and brake engage will bring the wheel to complete halt at 1.5 seconds. This will certainly save your battery life.

Super sensitive motor stops working just sensing a minimal pinch, stall, and bind-up by activating the E-clutch at the span of one-tenth of a second.

With a bigger wheel of 6″ and a high speed of 9000 RPM, you can accomplish heavy welding, remodeling houses, and grinding. The robust battery will serve the most complementary role in line with these speed and wheel size.

This Dewalt grinder is a cordless version but performs with the power of a corded one. Moreover, a grinder with a brushless motor stand by you at work with added performance and run time. All these have made it the best alternative to cut and grind reliably.

Intellectual and functional design of the Two Stage Trigger is both a safety and versatile statement that will decrease unwarranted mishap and power abuse.

FLEXVOLT technology enables the batter to give out two voltages – 20V max at the normal mode and 120V max. it is possible because the battery is supported by an automatic voltage-changing technology called FLEXVOLT. This will fairly change the grinding, welding, and cutting they are done now.

Root Features To Note:

  • Two voltage output from a single battery – Dewalt exclusive FLEXVOLT technology
  • Sensitive motor stops at pinch, stall and clogging up
  • Brushless motor for added performance, run time, and lesser heat
  • A two-stage trigger will start the machine safely
  • Kickback breakage to stop wheel rotation at the earliest convenient to save power


  • Weight: 4.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 4.7*6.1*15.3 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

Bottom line: The Dewalt angle grinder will change the way the job is done with the beastly power, versatile performance, and convenient features.

Makita XAG04Z Brushless Cordless Grinder – Best Cordless Angle Grinder (Pick)



I will rate this Makita grinder to be the best cordless 4-1/2 grinder thanks to the ergonomy, performance, innovation, and power assimilated in one tool. It’s all because of the electronically controlled mechanism the manufacturers have been able to put into action.

What are the benefits of this electronically controlled mechanism?

It is such an interior design or engineering that enables the brushless motor to extend its power backing 50% more than its completion. To add more, for the same mechanism the motor can automatically shift to superior torque if and when the job demands. Therefore, it gives you versatile handling from lightweight carpentry and cutting to heavy welding and grinding.

Given the brushless motor without the hassle of carbon brushes, it runs cooler, less noisy, and so more efficient in terms of workability and cutting down work fatigue.

In line with the trendy grinders in the industry, Makita too introduces a feedback-sensing technology that enables the motor to stop when the wheel encounters a slighter or mightier obstacle.

It stands out like a giant in the crowd endowed with the computerized and Makita-only STAR PROTECTION feature. This is what you may call the absolute power management – triple power protection; overload protection, over-drainage protection, and overheat protection.

On top of the efficient power management, Makita offers your LXT facility of Makita providing its battery with three times faster charging, 50% more power support or run time, and 50% extra lifetime backed by the brushless motor.

More Features To Note:

  • Soft rubberized grip for added comfort at work
  • Slide switch locking convenience for the operator
  • Smooth start-up with lesser initial reaction and extended gear life
  • Bevel gears responsible for more energy shift and smoother reaction
  • Two wheels, two-wheel guards, and lock nut wrench included


  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 8.4*13.3*5.5 inches

Bottom line: This description of the Makita is the best cordless grinder review where I have met with a combo of power, innovation, performance, and protection.

Ryobi 4-1/2 Li-ion Angle Grinder – Best cordless 4-1/2 Grinder


Before going in-depth on the performance and convenience features, I will describe it simply by calling it an excellent, handy, and well-built grinder.

To start with, the adjustable side handle sits in three convenient positions to give you the max grinding convenience and the tool the best functional ability. To further the comfort and convenience, the trigger-grip rotates 90° enabling the grinder to fit in any orientation.

If and when you need to shift application, the disc swapping is a breeze as you can do it by the help of the pin wrench on board with ease. This Ryobi grinder comes with type 27 grinding disc included dealing with metalworking and house remodeling.

So far the battery is involved; it is compatible with two models of Ryobi batteries – One+ and NiCad.

It is a lightweight grinder to work without breaking your hand and you can work to the end of its run time per charge. The portability along with the versatile features are its strong points to note.

The rubberized handle offers the tight grip while working blowing out the possibility of slippage. So strong is the grip that sometimes you need to lube it with oil to make it flexible to hold.

Root Features To Note:

  • Adjustable side handle with three variable positions to sit on
  • The trigger grip able to move 90 degree
  • Type 27 grinding disc to deal with lighter and heavy applications
  • Comfortable and tight handle
  • Onboard wrench to swap newer disc with ease
  • Compatible to two battery models


  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8*12*8 inches
  • Disc Size: 4-1/2 inches

Bottom line: Ryobi P421 is the best angle grinder for home use and excel in cleaning rust and grout.

Porter Cable 20V Lithium-ion Grinder



Yes, high performance is the key consideration to count on coming with Porter cable grinder. 8500 RPM is definitely not the industry-grade high performance but given the price tag, this grinder claims this much grinding speed is definitely high. Therefore, you are able to cut, clean, grind, and weld with this one.

The cast iron housing has given the sturdiness to withstand the jerk and abuse throughout the grinding life. Spindle lock convenience will enable you to faster replace the existing wheel needed to shift to the new application.

And the three-position side grip is for versatile positioning to handle applications that require cutting and cleaning from several directions.

Backed by the 4-1/2 diameter wheel and high speed, 20V max system will provide the highest cordless performance.

Root Features To Note:

  • High-performance motor for precision cutting, complete removal, and good finishing
  • Cast metal electronics housing for sturdiness and heat reduction even at longer use
  • Quick guard matching supported by the tool-less Guard
  • 20V Max a huge power backing
  • Multi-position side handle


  • Weight: 6.8 pound
  • Dimensions: 15.3*6*6 inches
  • Warranty: 3 years

Bottom line: this one is the best budget angle grinder among the five able to cut, clean, and weld aggressively with huge power support for the extended run time.

Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Cordless Angle Grinder

Given the crucial applications have done away with an angle grinder, it is a sought after tool by the carpenters, welders, house remodeler, plumber, and DIY warriors. Therefore, you will encounter a camouflage while browsing the product-studded stores in the market. And all the manufacturers now a day apply intriguing marketing gimmicks making the right choice really difficult for you.

That is where an in-depth buying guide is the call of the day to teach you all about an angle grinder. This buying guide of ours will educate you on the basic performance factor and advanced convenience features as well as accessories. And thus you can come out victorious with the right and the best cordless angle grinder meant for your need.

I have broken them into separate points and briefed on them for your better understanding. We will start with the performance factors, keep the common features in the middle, and end up a briefing on the latest trends in the industry. Here you go:

Performance Features

Motor: Yes, the motor of the grinding tool is one of the two performance factors to consider seriously. This is the reason a grinder is applicable and suitable for certain jobs while deemed unmatched for others. A motor of a grinder is responsible for the speed rate the grinding disc will rotate to cut, clean, and grind through.

Having said that, a motor is of two kinds given the presence and absence of brushes (mostly carbon brushes) – Brushed Motor & Brushless Motor.

Brushed Motor: So far the matter of performance is involved, there is minimal difference between the two. But the brushed motor lags behind than its counterpart in terms of convenience, durability, efficiency, and size. Brushed motor having brushes inside them occupy larger space and is of bigger size. On its top, it produces extreme heat and noise while running at high speed. The noise is the byproduct of the friction between the brushes leading to reduced torque. To add, they will cause occasional maintenance cost.

But on the brighter, they are affordable and cheaper than the rival.

Brushless Motor: To address the issues inherent in a brushed motor, the manufacturers now tilting towards the brushless motors as per the latest trends go. Because unlike the previous one, a brushless motor is compact, noise-free, efficient, capable of heat dissipation, and so durable. With accommodating carbon brushes inside, they come smaller in size which is a convenience for a cordless grinder.

On top of being noiseless in the work, it lets you accomplish the job more efficiently given other components present in place of the brushes. Moreover, this time torque is never impeded even at the highest speed contributing to the overall efficiency and performance. And a notable convenience is the heat dissipation capability to go on working cooler that surely culminates into extending the motor life.

But on the flip side, brushless motor is responsible for the higher cost of a grinder. But it certainly frees you from the maintenance cost, unlike its brushed competitor.

Now if you are posed with a dilemma on which one to prefer, I will definitely suggest the brushless one as it is 90% efficient comparing to the 80% of the rival.  And more efficiency refers to the less loss of energy and more power to perform better.


RPM stands for Rotation Per Minute. This is another vital consideration directly related to the performance of the grinder and power source. More RPM means more speed.

Don’t go by the wrong notion that higher RPM is better as it refers to improved performance. You don’t need higher speed for all applications. Only the heavy applications like grinding concrete, welding in metalworking, and cutting through steel sheet require higher rpm. And the lighter applications in carpentry can be ably done away with the medium RPM.

You should seriously consider the RPM, especially when opting for a cordless grinder. Cordless grinder means to be without power source connected with it. So there is the question of run time meaning the power backing from the battery.

The higher the RPM, the faster the battery drainage or discharge. Therefore, when opting for a cordless grinder, contemplate the applications you will be engaged in and then select the speed of the motor.

To your utter rescue, you will find some high-end grinders capable of delivering application-specific speed. To make it clearer, some trendy models come with adjustable speed shift their speed to deal with heavy tasks if and when faced with them. Obviously, they will claim a hefty price. And it will speed down when dealing with lighter tasks to save power and extend run time.

Cordless Grinder Battery

We opt for a cordless grinder for portability to carry along where electricity is far away, for maneuverability without the hassle of power cable, and lighter weight that corded grinder is not. It’s all because of the presence and absence of a battery that a grinder is defined by – corded and cordless. Therefore, cordless grinder means to be battery powered grinder.

We may not know that the battery is the single most important component of the grinder in terms of determining the price. If you go for a high-end battery, the price will be higher. I mean the lithium-ion batteries to be high-end ones. They are portable, lightweight, durable and highly capable. In addition, lithium-ion batteries charge faster and run longer.

Voltage rating is a crucial consideration for selecting battery and lithium-ion batteries ensure the higher voltage at full charge than the NiCad counterpart.

Brands matter in this regard because big brands supply quality battery and claim a hefty price. Higher quality battery means the battery constituted of high-end components. The quality battery cells only are responsible for a high-end battery as a quality pack of cells ensures durability, superior discharging rate, and tends to not die at a time.

The last crucial battery factor to be critical of is the amp rating. As we all know amp rating stands for the power outcome of the battery in normal condition. The amp rating starts from 2Ah and rises up to 5Ah but you should go for the models delivering 4-5 Ah. A power source with that much amp rating will suffice to back you in far away job-site and you can deal with heavier applications without a charger around.


Convenience Features & Accessories

There come several features in terms of design and construction but they are not without purpose. They directly may not influence the performance but these accessories contribute to working with convenience. Moreover, they are crucial to safety, the durability of the tool and ease of the user.


A tool like a grinder naturally has a handle but the recent trend is to have a handle that can re-locate as per your need in the third location. In most cases, the trigger is set in such a way that it will be pressed whenever you have a grip around the handle. Therefore, prior to selecting the machine, you had better check whether it comes accessorized with a handle to re-position if the application requires.

Wheel/Disc & Guard

So far the grinding wheel is concerned, the size of the same will be clear from the product level. But when you need to take a new one, you just note the size of the arbor nut and spindle and you will have the disc matching your purpose.

Grinding machine at work invites tiny particles flying from the object working upon and that requires a guard to protect the electronics from these.  The latest trend is that manufacturers are introducing a quick-release system for the guard to re-position in your needed orientation. This is to save time and remove hassle.

Heat Dissipation

Heat is the byproduct when the electronics devices are at work and is harmful to the life of such components. Besides, causing premature damage to the components, it can disturb the working pace by bringing the aged motor to an occasional halt.

The salvation in this regard is to look for grinder featured with heat sync design. Go for the branded products that boldly mention them to have equipped with overheat-protection technology.


Weight is a consideration for cordless grinding machines otherwise a heavier product will affect the maneuverability a cordless grinder is meant and preferred for.

A grinder weighing up to 4 pounds without the battery can do but modern machines are trending weight reduction up to 1.5 pounds.

How to Make a Cordless Angle Grinder | Step By Step


What is the confusion of 18V vs 20V?

Ans: This is a battery voltage rating and a marketing gimmick. A single battery cell does have two voltage ratings – nominal 3.6V & max 4V. And a battery is constituted of five cells and when you multiply the voltage rating with the mandatory cell number of the battery, there come two results – 18V as nominal voltage & 20V as max voltage. That’s it.

What is crucial for a quality battery?

Ans: Quality cells make a quality battery. However, improvised a battery cell is it cannot deliver more than the max voltage which is 4V. But to hold the charge longer or discharge at a slower pace, you need the quality-built battery cell.

The rule of the thumb is that the big brands do not compromise with the quality and if there is a rare exception, they address it within no time.

What is the latest feature a grinding motor may come designed with?

And: The technology that makes it sensitive enough to stop if and when wheels are forced to do so.


If you are reading the conclusion, you know everything to reach the best cordless angle grinder. The buying guide is the section that calls for repeated scanning to better understand the performance and convenience factors and features. The better informed you are, the better deal you can make.

Yet, I will suggest the Makita and Dewalt dcg412b cordless angle grinder to be the best of these 5 best cordless angle grinder reviews.

The Top 5 Best Cordless Angle Grinder Choice For 2019 | Reviews & Top Picks
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