The 10 Best Casters For Workbench 2019 [That Actually Work]

Have casters affixed with your workbench or chair has gone stuck or busted? If so, it is the right time to replace your existing one with the best caster. But you should find the best heavy duty caster wheels to have a smoother and longer moving experience.

To pick the most durable, smoothest, and the moisture-free caster will be the wiser decision. Not to mention, finding the right casters is not an easy task. Casters come in a wide variety of material, size, and hardness. A well-researched article reviewing premium-grade casters in the industry can come to your rescue.

Below you go with top 10 casters reviews equipped with quality materials, able construction, and expert engineering. Moreover, they bear the tag of the most renowned manufacturers in the industry. Therefore, you can definitely trust them.

1. POWERTEC 17000 Workbench Caster Kit (Pack of 4)

best caster powertec for workbenchbest workbenc reviews Amazon-Button1 copy

Powertec Workbench Caster Kit comes with 4 vertically mounted casters. Each of them is capable of supporting 100 lbs. for a combined weight limit of 400 lbs. Furthermore, each of the casters features 360-degree pivoting. The casters are made from urethane and measure 2-3/8 inches in diameter.

The casters in this kit feature foot pedals to elevate your workbench off the floor by ¾ inches for transport. Once at the required location, just lower the pedals to put the workbench back onto the floor. The pedal mechanism is an alternative to caster brakes, and because these casters stay off the ground when the pedal is raised, you won’t have any issues with the stability of the workbench.

Powertec also includes all the hardware necessary for the quick installation of the casters.

Keep in mind that vertically mounted casters may stick out and cause tripping, which is pretty much the main downside of such caster packs.


  • Sturdy steel construction to haul up to 400 lbs of weight
  • Smooth, strong, and super easy installation backed by mounting screws
  • Non-friction Foot Pedal method for easy, effective, and secure operating
  • Swivel casters to pivot freely
  • Work and roll pretty good


  • It is costly but the high-end price worth it

Uses For:

Heavy-duty workbench, Desire location to your shop,  Easily positioning to the perfect solution

2. Rockler Workbench Caster Kit 4-Pack

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Yet another pedal-elevated caster kit on our reviews of best casters for a workbench! The durable steel construction of the 2-3/8-inch urethane casters ensures a good weight rating: 100 lbs. for each caster and 400 lbs. in total, the same as with the kit by Powertec. This kit is pretty much identical to the one offered by Powertec, except for the price and minor differences in design and weight: this kit is slightly heavier.

Like the Powertec caster kit, Rockler casters are mounted vertically, meaning that the casters will protrude unless you install them on the inside surface of the legs. Speaking of installation, Powertec included all the mounting screws necessary for quick setup.

The pedal design is the same as with Powertec caster kit, meaning that the legs stay off the floor when the pedal is lifted up. But also keep in mind that these casters stick out quite a bit, which could pose some inconvenience.


  • Maneuver your heavy-duty workbench with ease
  • Simple and hassle-free installation supported by mounting plate and screws
  • Roll along effortlessly
  • Can haul up to 400 lbs of load
  • Durable steel made and feet pedal mechanism


  • Casters rest on the floor when not in use

Uses For:

Any kind of Heavy bench and tolls,  Table Saw, Lift Mode

3. Bayite 4 Pack of 3″ Heavy Duty Caster Wheelsbest BAYITE caster for workbenchbest workbenc reviews Amazon-Button1 copy

This kit differs from those we examined earlier quite a bit. They are mounted from beneath the workbench, meaning that they won’t be as much of a tripping hazard.

All the casters combined deliver 500 lbs. of weight capacity. The wheels are made from polyurethane and measure 3 inches in diameter.

Instead of the foot pedals, this kit features brakes on two of the casters. The brake design of the casters may be less efficient than foot pedals because the wheels of these casters stay in contact with the ground at all times.

Each of the casters is filled with high-quality double bearings to allow for 360-degree smooth rotation.

Keep in mind that this particular kit doesn’t come with mounting screws, so you will have to plan to get them beforehand.

Overall, Bayite casters are much more convenient if you don’t want the casters to increase the area that the workbench occupies.


  • Rolls smooth and silent
  • Sturdy metal structure support
  • Double bearing balls for effortless running
  • Widest range of usability
  • Go-between urethane wheels to offer both toughness and elasticity


  • No noticeable cons

Uses For:

Workbenches, Shopping Carts, Cabinets, Bookshelves, Tool Carts, Tool Chest, Coffe Table and also Movable Furniture.

4. COOCHEER 3” PVC Heavy Duty Swivel Caster Wheels 360 Degree Top Plate with Brake Pack of 4 – Red (880Lbs)

best COOCHEER retractable casters for woodshop for workbenches

best workbenc reviews Amazon-Button1 copy

Looking for sturdy casters? COOCHEER made sure that their 4-piece kit packs quite a bit of strength!

Thanks to the heavy-duty steel, each of the casters in this pack support up to 220 lbs. for a combined weight limit of 880 lbs. The wheels are made from polyurethane and measure 3 inches in diameter. Each of the casters features smooth 360-degree swiveling action.

Unlike the caster kit by Bayite, COOCHEER provided each caster with brakes, allowing for increased stability when the workbench is in stationary mode.

These casters are also installed at the bottom surface of your workbench. Unfortunately, COOCHEER doesn’t include mounting screws with their 4-caster kit, so you might need to be ready for additional expenses on screws.

Overall, this COOCHEER caster kit is a great choice if you need good durability for a large number of equipment pieces. Apart from that, this pack would be perfect for bigger, heavier workbenches.


  • Tough caster wheels to support heavy-duty casters
  • Rolls noiseless and super smooth
  • Sturdy construction and last longer than others
  • Effective locking convenience
  • Better than advertised


  • No noticeable downsides

Uses For:

Furniture Parts, Shopping Carts, Lockable and Swivel

5. Online Best Service 4 Pack Caster Wheels Swivel Plate with Brake On Red Polyurethane Wheels

Online Best Service for workbench lifting casters

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Not satisfied with the 880 lbs. of the weight capacity of the previous caster kit? Online Best Service has something even better to offer!

Each caster of Online Best Service 4-pack caster wheels supports up to 250 lbs. for a combined weight limit of 1000 lbs. The casters with 3-inch polyurethane wheels have 360-degree swiveling action.

A nice feature of this caster pack is that it has a brake that locks both the wheels and the swiveling motion. With this caster kit, you can be sure that your workbench won’t move even slightly during work. The brakes of the casters are rather big, allowing for easier foot control. But be careful not to damage your footwear!

These casters are also installed from beneath the workbench, so you won’t accidentally trip on them. Unfortunately, just like the other casters with horizontal mounts, we examined previously, this kit doesn’t include mounting screws.


  • 360 Degree pivoting System
  • Moves quieter and smoother
  • Max load capacity of 250 lbs each caster
  • Casters with brakes to lock both wheel and swivel
  • Well-built to last long


  • Plates are smaller but not a deal-breaker

Uses For:

Workbench, Cabinet, Stationary, Road cases, Production rack.  Heavy-duty Loaded up to 1000 Lbs.

6. SPACECARE 4 Pack of 2″ Swivel Caster Blue Polyurethane Wheels Base with Brake Top Plate Double Ball

SPACECARE workbench caster wheels lift mechanismbest workbenc reviews Amazon-Button1 copy

The next kit on our reviews of best casters for workbench isn’t as durable as the previous two packs, but it has its own interesting features.

The steel body of the casters allows for support of up to 200 lbs. per each caster and 800 lbs. in total. The casters each feature 360-degree swivel and house 2-inch polyurethane wheels.

SPACECARE 4-caster pack also features a total break on each of the casters to allow for the lock of both the swivel and the wheel rotation.

These casters also have horizontal mounts. Unlike the horizontal-mount casters we examined earlier, SPACECARE 4-pack comes with included 16 self-tapping screws along with a screwdriver, and all this despite the rather affordable price of the kit!

This caster kit is among the cheapest packs we reviewed today, so if you are tight on the budget yet want a strong 4-piece caster kit, consider getting SPACECARE caster pack.


  • Can pivot 360 up to 360 degrees
  • Polyurethane casters to run smoothly without noise
  • Well-built to last long
  • Pretty good for lightweight furniture
  • Total lock casters


  • Not meant for heavy-duty workbench

Uses For:

Workbenches, Transporting light furniture,  Kitchenware.

7. WoodRiver Machine Leveling Caster Plate Mounted 4 Pack

best WoodRiver Machine Leveling Caster Plate Mounted 4 Pack caster for workbench

best workbenc reviews Amazon-Button1 copy

Closing off our reviews of best casters for the workbench with the most remarkable kit!WoodRiver 4-pack leveling caster is more expensive than the other kits, but it has features that others do not!

With a weight rating of 1320 lbs. per 4 casters, this kit will be a perfect choice if you use a lot of tools and equipment with your heavy workbench. But apart from being strong, WoodRiver casters are also rather stable.

Each caster has a foot with adjustable height, which can reduce vibration when your machinery is in use. Besides, the feet keep the wheels off the ground when the workbench is stationary. They can also be used to level the workbench!

WoodRiver also included a wrench for easy adjustment of the height of the feet. While the feet are certainly better than brakes in regards to overall stability, using the wrench will probably be much more annoying than just pushing or pulling the brake.


  • The huge load capacity of  600kg
  • Can maneuver with foot
  • Don’t tend to vibrate while in use
  • Strong and super easy to scale up
  • Moves smoother but sit sturdily when resting


  • Can be better than now

Uses For:

Heavy steel table, Woodworking workbench, Level your machine, Adjusting the foot, Act to reduce vibration

8. Heavy Duty Leveler Legs w/Lock Nuts – Best Caster for Concrete and Carpet


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Desunia offers the best caster with an added advantage of leveling your workbench. Many happy customers in Amazon reviewed it positively. So you might love the features as others did. Desunia provides a set with 4 packs of Caster. The silver color caster features red steel construction, threaded leg and easy installation.

Features are Benefits

The first time I had decided to buy a set, the main requirement for me was the weight capacity. This product had brought a smile on my face. The Desunia Heavy Duty Caster can carry up to 8000 lb. of weight! That means the load capacity of every leg is 2000 lb.

Construction is sturdy to Last

The dense construction of caster is made from 14 ga. Zinc plated red steel. The integral ledger of every leg measures 7/16” wide. The ledger is directly connected with the leveler. But you need some screws too for adjustment of the leg.  The screws are ¾” long nickel plated #10 Philips head. These are suitable for supporting a heavy shelf, cabinet or 4 X 4 leg workbenches.

Threaded Legs are Versatile.

The versatile threaded legs are constructed by steel. The 10 mm Dia. The shaft can adjust from 0” to 2-1/2”. It helps the workbench to tilt against the floor if it is really bad. The shaft supports the free-spinning function around the bench. At the bottom of the caster, it is covered with black polyurethane caps to protect your floor from damaging or scratching and moisture.

Adjustment and Installation is the breeze

The manufacturer will provide the 10 mm lock nuts which support the table if any vibrating equipment involves. You just need to snug up the nuts against the bottom. The installation of the casters is pretty easy.

The manufacturer will provide the caster as well as 16 installation screws (10 X ¾”) and 5 mm hex wrench. You need to hook the casters onto the cabinet and attach with screws. The process cannot be easier.


  • Heavy and durable casters.
  • Easy spinning foot.
  • Locking function to prevent vibration.
  • Durable and moisture-free.


  • The screws are not heavier as expected.

Use For:

You affix it to the cabinet legs, workbench, and chairs. Casters affixed to the said furniture will relieve you of tremendous fatigue.

9. Office Chair Caster Wheels (Set of 5) – Safe for All Floors.


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Caster wheels are pretty important for your chair or cabinet. But if it damages your expensive floor, that would be pathetic for you. The office oasis guarantees the best caster for your floor. The heavy-duty office chair caster comes with a set of 5 caster wheels.

You will experience quiet and smooth-rolling on your floor. The weight of this item is only 2.6 pounds and measures 6 X 3 X 4.5 inches. The manufacturer offers a 110% guarantee against the dissatisfaction of customers.

The office oasis caster wheels are the best caster wheels for your chair. It features a modern, unique and stylish design with quiet and smooth-rolling.

The manufacturer declares that the office oasis caster would be the best choice for your floor. It won’t make a little scratch on your floor. The caster wheels are encased with soft polyurethane. This rollerblade styles wheels are the best replacement for your old floor mat.

Sturdy Construction and Medium Capacity is something to go for.

The construction of the caster wheel is suitable for effortless rolling and durability. The supporting bracket and entire parts are made by high-quality steel. This versatile heavy-duty wheels can carry up to 650 lbs which prove it to be the best caster wheels for your office chair.

Compare Office Chair Caster Between Oasis and Others [Oasis VS Others]

Compare Items



Safe for All Floors



Smooth And Easy Rolling



Silent Gliding






Lifetime Guarantee



Sleek Upgrade



Durable and Smooth Rolling Experience to Produce a Breezing Effect.

The construction materials increase the durability of caster wheels. The crystal clear soft polyurethane wheels allow you to move easily without scratches on your floor. No squeaky noise comes from the wheels while moving. The quiet and smooth-rolling will help you to keep up the concentration. The universal fit caster wheels can be attached with any chair or stools to upgrade it to modern and stylish furniture.

Installation is Super Easy and Guarantee Proves the Quality Product

Installation of these wheels is easier enough. You just need to attach the wheels using the grip ring stem at the top of the casters. The stem measures 7/16” diameter by 7/8” diameter in length. This size supports 95% of standard size chairs.

If you don’t like the caster wheels from Office Oasis, they are ready to take it back without any question. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Safer for your floor.
  • Extra durable with enough load capacity.
  • Produce no extra noise.
  • Make you relaxed and more focused.


  • No critical report from customers yet.

Use For:

You use those casters for cabinet and office chair to move at will.

10. Roller Blade Office Chair Wheels by Office Owl – Best Caster For Carpet and Concrete


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Another high rated office chair caster wheel comes with exquisite features. This caster wheel ensures premium replacement of the plastic and noisy office chairs. The installation and use are simple and effortless. The universal fit office chair caster wheels by Office Owl keep your floor immaculate.

The best caster with high rate offers the quiet and smooth-rolling for your office chair. The strength and durability allow heavy-duty use.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Higher Load Capacity is Worth Going for

The wheels are specially made of soft and durable polyurethane. This construction enables the caster wheels rolling without any marks or damage on any kind of floor. The support brackets and the universal stem come with high-grade steel construction. The solid steel riveted axle support more loading and rolling.

The load capacity of this caster wheels is 650 pounds with the set of 5 caster wheels. It measures 4.8 X 3 X 2.6 inches and weighs 2.6 lbs. only.

Quiet and Smooth Rolling Experience is a Temptation to Fall, Victim, to

If you are not happy with old, plastic and clunky caster wheels attached with your chair. The Office Owl offers rollerblades style quiet and smooth-rolling caster wheel that is stronger, safer and more responsive.

You will feel the extraordinary rolling experience with no marks or damage on your wooden, vinyl or any other flooring. The precision ball bearings and swivel bearings ensure smooth rolling and rotation respectively. It can change your office décor with the touch of luxury cool.

Installation is a breeze backed by the mounting screws and Guarantee is a confidence from the manufacturer’s side.

The installation is pretty flat and hassle-free. You just need to attach the stem at the bottom of the leg of your chair at ease. After that, you can enjoy the striking beauty of adding these beautiful and smooth caster wheels.

The manufacturer offers the lifetime warranty as well as a refund if you are not satisfied with their product.


They have limited time offer running on Amazon. If you buy once chair cylinder with the chair wheels you can save up to 20% on this product.


  • Safer for your floor.
  • Extra durable and universal fit.
  • Rollerblade-style wheels with quiet and smooth service.
  • Lifetime warranty as well as refund policy.


  • Not recommended for thick and tall carpets.
  • A little report about squeak noise while changing direction.

Use For:

This is a tougher caster made of polyurethane that can handle heavy-duty workbench and tiny tools are a breeze for it.

Buying Guide

Sure, you now got 10 interesting casters packs before you, but how do you know which one to pick? We are going to help you now by introducing you to the features you should look for in casters for the intended tool. They may range from duty workbench down to lighter office chair. The Casters suggested for you in this article will fit and work great with

  • Workbenches,
  • Shopping Carts,
  • Cabinets,
  • Office Chair,
  • Bookshelves,
  • Tool Carts,
  • Tool Chest,
  • Coffee Table
  • And any Movable Furniture.

Weight Limit

The first and maybe the most important feature to look for is the weight limit of the casters. Manufacturers typically provide ratings on both individual casters and the pack overall, though calculating the former or the latter is rather easy even if you don’t have data on one or the other.

To pick the caster pack with the right weight limit, you need to know the total weight of all the equipment you will be using at once as well as the weight of the workbench. Then, pick the casters that have a bigger weight limit than the weight of all your pieces of equipment combined.

Locking Mechanism/Pedal/Feet

You want stability during work, so manufacturers of casters use different mechanisms to make sure that your workbench stays in place firmly.

You will mostly meet casters with brakes. Some brakes only lock the wheel while others lock both the wheel and the swivel. The former will probably be much less stable than you would like, so if you are going for a caster pack with brakes, make sure that it has total brakes. Also, ensure that each of the wheels in the pack has brakes.

Some caster packs feature foot pedals to raise and lower the casters with. Typically, foot pedals come with those casters that have vertical mounts. Keeping the wheels off the ground is the best way to keep your workbench steady.

There is also another stability mechanism, which is adjustable feet like those seen in the WoodRiver caster pack. Feet also allow for no contact between the wheels and the ground, but regulating them is more time-consuming than simply engaging the brake or raising/lowering the pedal.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel diameter may seem insignificant at first. In fact, the wheel diameter has little to no role when the workbench is stationary. However, when moving the workbench around, smaller wheels will be much more prone to changing directions upon contact with even smaller items in their path.

On the other hand, larger wheels are easier to roll, meaning that you won’t need to put as much effort into moving a workbench with large-wheel casters.

Wheel Material

On one hand, wheel material impacts the durability of the casters. The harder the material, the more durable are the wheels. On the other hand, harder wheels are noisier. If you absolutely want wheels with quiet action, look for casters with softer wheels. In this regard, polyurethane wheels are the best wheel material you could go for.

Horizontal/Vertical Mounts

As the reviews showed us, casters can come with either horizontal or vertical mounts. In most cases, casters with horizontal mountings plates are preferable for a number of reasons. Firstly, they don’t pose a tripping hazard because they don’t protrude. Secondly, depending on the material of the workbench as well as the screws, vertically mounted casters can just break off due to excessive weight, which cannot happen with horizontally mounted casters. On the other hand, only vertical casters come with convenient foot pedals.

Tutorial: How To Make Your Bench Mobile By Using Casters?

Now, you have a 4-pack caster kit on your hands, but how do you make your workbench mobile? This video should provide you with just as much info as you need! Click Here to find out the best wood for the workbench top.


How to remove a caster?

Ans: it is pretty easy to remove a caster that is secured without a fastener. But if the caster is locked and fastened, you need a bit of practice and more effort to remove. A flat-head screwdriver and a pry bar can help you greatly in this connection.

What are the common materials casters usually made of?

Ans: Caster is a crucial accessory for any transportation instrument that requires limited movement. And the common materials include polyurethane, plastic, metal, and rubber. Polyurethane is the popular most material caster is made of.

Is maintenance easy and hassle-free?

Ans: Maintenance of casters is a crucial task but neither tough nor hassle-free breeze. You have to keep a vigil to spot any broken part or loose bolt before the ultimate stuck. Grease the wheel with a premium lube in every six months.

What is more crucial while selecting a caster wheel?

And: The operating environ is more crucial than all other factors to bring into consideration while selecting a caster wheel. This is what can give a clear answer to” what is best for you”.


Now that you have known the crucial factors, it is now easier for you to pick the best caster for carpet, best caster for concrete, and for any other operating environment. The best caster reviews above will take you through the features and benefits inevitable for a quality caster. Mind it, the best caster is the one that suits the ground your furniture piece will move on.

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