The Best 7 Inch Angle Grinder | Top 3 Reviews & Buying Guide In 2019

The angle grinder is the tool that you apply for finesse and perfection purpose. This is the reason both professional and DIY hobbyist want to have one. But to deal with concrete surface and slab; you need a heavy-duty and medium-size grinding tool. And you can meet a match of the same that is deemed to be the best 7 inch angle grinder in the industry.

To be precise, you can find them described in the web as the best 7 inch angle grinder for concrete. But we have narrowed down the preferences to three industry-grade products to save you from the arduous task of ransacking for the right one for you.

Moreover, we have presented an in-depth analysis briefing on the crucial factors and feature intended merely to enable you to single out the right 7-inch angle grinder for your purpose.

DEWALT 7-Inch Angle Grinder



DEWALT 7-Inch is a great grinder in terms of value, power, and performance. To talk about its power, some customer tags this medium grinder to be a monster. This tool comes equipped with everything to be designated as the best 7 inch angle grinder.

Medium size angle grinders are a breeze while cutting through, grinding on, and polishing over a concrete and larger surface. And to serve the said purposes perfectly, the tool comes featured with a motor having 13.0 amp and 8000 rpm. Just enough to cleave through any tough metal sheet and concrete slab. And the versatile power source – AC/DC connection – falls in the same line of technology backing.

On top of high power support for excellent performance, the cut-down weight will reduce worker fatigue. Thus the tool efficiency will go hand in hand with the human efficiency to work longer and better. To further the productivity, there is an adjustable guard providing tool-free guard matching to prevent sparks and debris from attacking your eyes and electronics of the grinder.

DEWALT being the veteran and sensitive manufacturer in the electrical industry for long has taken great care of comfort and control while working thanks to the intelligent rear handle feature.

Root Features:

  • Additional brush caps for rust cleaning and easy servicing
  • Sealed ball along with roller bearings for extended motor service
  • High amp rating and torque for great performance
  • High-power and low-weight ratio for increased efficiency and decreased work fatigue
  • Tool-free adjustable guard both human and tool safety
  • Rear grip design for added comfort and control


  • Weight: 11.6 lbs
  • Dimensions: 21.5*8.9*4.4 inches
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Material: Plastic/Metal
  • Warranty: 90-day money back/1-year free service/3-year warranty

Makita 7-Inch GA7021 Angle Grinder



This Makita model virtually shares beastly power with as high as a 15 amp rating. But the rotating speed seems a bit lower than the rivals. While 6,600 rpm can make a killer speed motor deal with the heavy-duty applications ably. The battery will certainly enjoy an extended run time thanks to the higher amp rating.

Rear trigger handle switches on and stops at the operator’s will. This is a convenient feature to work longer with tight grip and control. The convenience turns into comfort backed by the rubberized soft and sticky grip.

To add to the ease of operating, the tool-free disc guard adjusts the guard rapidly. The large tool rest saves workpiece from melting as it is a rubberized one.

Sometimes, you need to hold the grinder with both the hands while it is a demanding application that is where the Makita adjustable handle comes very instrumental. It seats conveniently in three different orientations to adjust project piece position and the operator’s convenience, in this case, is a by-product.

It rotates smoother and so quieter given the bevel gears in spiral form. They are very effective while transferring energy to go with cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing.

Root Features:

  • High amp rating for longer run time on the part of the battery
  • Torque is faster enough to deal with heavy applications
  • Rubberized soft handle for added work comfort
  • Lock-on activated by rear trigger switch to increase convenience
  • Tool-less wheel guard easy and rapid adjustment
  • Multi-position side handle for versatile grinding
  • Smoother and quieter rotations and efficient energy transfer


  • Weight: 15.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.8*21*8.2 inches
  • Amp Rating: 15 amp
  • Motor Speed: 6,600 rpm
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Tool Size: 18-5/8inches(tool),
  • Warranty: 1-year

Hitachi 7-Inch 15-Amp Angle Grinder



You can almost admire this medium size angle grinder in every fantastic phrase – heavy duty, excellent performer, works well, and a mine of power. But still, your description will fall short of the overall picture.

To start with power and performance, it comes accompanied by a 15-amp motor capable of outpouring 3950 of power. Sure enough, it empowers you with high torque making cut, grinds, polish, and more a breeze.

A sweet contrast is its cut-down weight which contributes directly to the performance of both man and machine. In one way it gives you control while working and in the same line, it is responsible for reduced or minimal worker weariness while engaged in longer projects.

Judging by several features the Hitachi is endowed with, it is sheer on top of all other big brands enjoying the same category and class. Overload durability is the one to escape naming that surely ensures longer grinding life. An angle grinder with that much power and energy tends to go hot sooner but halved stator engineering calls for efficient cooling and motor sustenance.

We can go longer by describing its convenience features and accessories introduced for longer and more durable tool life and hassle-free function. And the intelligent design to address the invasion of dust, debris, and fine particles flying from the grinding.

Root Features:

  • Heavy-duty grinder to deal with concrete grinding
  • Labyrinth construction to protect the motor from the decay caused by unwanted dust and debris intrusion
  • Stator design for efficient cooling responsible for longer motor life
  • Armored coils protected by varnished tape along with long wedges for prolonged working life
  • Removable side handle for multi-position handling
  • Lightweight and highly powered and speedier grinding option
  • Overload durability for extended motor life


  • Weight: 14.2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 1*1*1 inches
  • Watt Output: 3950 watts
  • Volt: 120V
  • Amp Rating: 15-amp

When do you need the Best 7 inch Angle Grinder?

Before we narrowing down the answer to this specified query, we better know why do we need an angle grinder. To come out broad but clear, we can say that we need an angle grinder for multiple jobs like grinding tough objects, cutting through the metal sheet or concrete slab, sharpening metal tools, sanding wood or concrete, and common workshop jobs.

Therefore, everybody from a carpenter to a welder, plumber, and a mechanic needs an angle grinder. Now comes the question of size. Yes, there are several popular sizes of an angle grinder – 4.5″, 5″, 6″, 7″, and 9″. For a novice to know, size or diameter of the disc defines the size of the tool not the overall length of the tool.

Our call is for a 7-inch angle grinder. As we see, it is a mid-size angle grinder. We need this mid-size concrete cutter or grinding tool when it is necessary to cut through the concrete slab and metal sheet. To add, we need this to sand and polish medium size surface.

You cannot cut through something that is thicker than 2.25 inches with the small size 4.5″ angle grinder. A 7-inch grinder, in this case, is a popular solution among the professionals because you can handle small to larger objects with that size.

How to choose the Best 7 inch Angle grinder?

Ans: The question may inspire awe and laughter among the novice as they can find lots of grinding products coming from the big brands of the size under discussion. But there are other complementary factors and features that should warrant serious consideration before buying a 7-inch angle grinding machine. That includes Amp and speed of the motor and power of a battery along with other features like adjustable guards, flexible side handle, and efficient cooling design.

Amp rating is a crucial factor because a grinder is something to run with power either corded or cordless. Therefore, the higher the amp rating would be the longer power backing it can enjoy. And the higher amp is crucial to complement the high rpm of the motor.

Like amp rating, the rpm of a medium size angle grinder must be pretty high. Needless to clarify, a bigger wheel grinder is needed to deal with larger and heavier projects. So it will be a no-brainer to have a large angle grinder backed by a higher amp battery with a low-speed motor. It will stop midway while dealing with a concrete and tougher metal sheet that specific size is meant for.

Now, all about high amp and rpm will go in vain if they are not backed by a huge power source. A battery of lower than 120V would fall short of handling this angle grinder by putting you into a miserable situation.

While these performance factors are not to miss, there are other trendy features that contribute to increase comfort and control while working. They include the lighter weight material not to break your hand and adjustable guard to save the electronics from the decaying intrusion of dust and debris.

More to add, you will find grinder featured with competent cooling technology. That is very urgent for the high-speed motor and can gift you with extended motor life.

Last but not least removable side handles are very crucial to have. To work longer with a larger grinder, you need space and place to hold the tool with both hands especially when you need to run it at a higher speed while dealing with tougher and thicker objects. Aside handles ready to seat in several positions will come handier in this regard.

If you ensure that you have considered the said factors before making the ultimate purchase, it is guaranteed you can reap the maximum benefits. All the three grinders described above are the result of a careful selection inspecting every single point covered in this section.


How to determine the wattage of a motor in an angle grinder?

Ans: Wattage is the total power a motor works at. To find the wattage of a certain motor in an electrical tool, you just need to multiply the amp rating of the battery and the voltage.

Suppose a battery featuring 10 amp and 12V will empower the motor in the same tool with 120 wattages.

How to select the work-specific disc size in your angle grinder?

To select the right disc size, you need to know the surface area and thickness of the object you are going to put your angle grinder on and through. For the smaller surface area, you need the smaller disc -4.5”. For a wider surface, you can go with a larger disc size.

If the thicknesses of the object to cleave through equals to or falls shorter than half of the wheel size of your grinder, you can go for it. That is the rule of thumb.

What is a spindle lock in an angle grinder?

Ans: The spindle lock is a locking mechanism not to let the angle grinder disc move untimely and unwanted. The gear in the internal housing of a grinder machine drives the spindle through a pre-drilled hole on the grinding wheel to bar it from rotating.

You can activate that lock when you don’t want the grinder to run while holding the grinder by the rear handle. Because latest angle grinders tend to have the trigger switch very close to the rear grip location.


The three best 7 inch angle grinder reviews in this article are the representatives of the quality products of the same category. In addition, the briefing on how to select the right wheel size is just what you need the most in this connection.

If you go ahead to pick one of them or considering these three as the standard, you will reach the best 7 inch angle grinder without fail.


The Best 7 Inch Angle Grinder | Top 3 Reviews & Buying Guide In 2019
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