john boson

I am sure you wonder yourself. Who is the owner of  bestworkbenchguide.com? Has it to be someone macho and muscular right? Even I thought the same when I used to read reviews on random websites.

Well, this is Jhon Boson. I am a regular guy. I would not call myself a workbench enthusiast. It is a tough thing to be enthusiast about. However, as I have been around benches for long enough, I know what I am dealing with and I often tend to have reviews and opinion about products that are out there. Trust me, I have used a lot of them myself in my home and in different areas.

When we do reviews on our website, the sole goal is to provide value. There are affiliate discounts and stuff on different products that we promote but I always try to give you the value first. It is an expensive purchase and you should be able to feel satisfied with the unit that you are purchasing, right?

It is not that I know a lot about every workbench out there. There are obviously a ton of units that I do not know enough about. That’s why I also closely work with an editor who verifies everything before I publish them on the website.

I used to be just like you guys. There were no review websites back in the days when I purchased my first workbench. One of my dad’s friend recommended me a unit and it was a bad one. Now that I understand the value of reviews, I try to help internet in every way possible.


Jhon Boson

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